Volume 3, Issue 3, page 14

know, he has been writing, lectur- "One of the
ing, staring a hole through himself, that anyone who
and incidentally tending to his own LY' way is perfe
knitting. us a while to
"We have all piddled around, finding bo
spent lots of dollars on various vad-Gita whereir
isms, ologies, and etics, hoping to phrased) that a
scoot by (our integration) with a many roads as thE
minimum of effort on our own parts is only ONE road
at the same time refusing to look els on."..Jim gel
in our own mirrors for fear of see ing ourselves as we really are; fac- "Herewith ano
ing the fact that we are not the titled the thing
'big guy or gal' we hope people 'Control of Ehioti
think we are. It seems we just have penchant for ret
to have the idea of 'how big we are' you did to my
to survive. It is difficult, I'll conform general
admit, to be nothing. But being principle of
nothing is just the starting point.

After we get the picture in focus is
the only time we will be able to be AUDITOR
really creative, to be brother to
all mankind, or to have a real feeling of affinity with anything (including people, nature, and all that under CADA
each implies).
"We kid ourselves into thinking in BASIC DIA
our little p-roblems are world-shaking. Theres always a new little 8 intensive
twist to somebody's ology that is
really going to do the trick for us!
Hogwash! We might as well take the
money out in the back yard and at
least have a good bonfire out of it
(if you can still afford the weiners
to go with it) for all the benefit
that will be derived from Hubbard's MATE
newest nightmare, or Coulter's day- S d
mare, or Welgos's newest sermon,
"However, there is one branch of f o
this dubious tree that might help Pr, 'helpless' get started on his
climb. Here's a note of warning, Di
though, you have to do it yourself