Dear Editor (continued)

cept (changing a rule) results in the same sort of reaction but much more intense. The part about 'remedying havingness' altruistically instead of selfishly I find very congenial. Perhaps I could make that one work. I've always had trouble with 'pulling in mock-ups', which has seemed a rather futile gesture. In the description of the various body fields, etc., there appears a strong need for a really comprehensive Glossary like a multilingual dictionary: Parallel columns giving equivalents in the dialects of Vedanta, Theosophy, Buddhism, Diantol ogese (Hubbardian, Walshian, etc.), Welgosian, and Synergese. With such a book one could transliterate articles and books and find if one author is agreeing with another, and if anybody has an original point to make or is just describing the same stuff in his or her own jargon...

"Burks's article as before is eloquent and f u l l of feeling. Here we see he repeatedly starts to insinuate a Metaphysic of some sort into the discourse without acknowledging he is doing so. Is his philosophy relevant to his altruism?

"Together We Live - When I hear of someone 'lootingg Tor happiness', I always assure them they aren't going to find it. It isn't a 'thing you 'find' but a do-it-yourself project exclusively not to be bought, stolen, found, or given. The prescription for happiness is. .get interested in something — in a lot of things ...Hobbies are better than nothing ...but the interests should be of some importance or consequence to the person interested in them.. Parcell s article is clear and direct. The point made seems that happiness is the perception of working smoothly and effectively in all significant modes — or along all dynamics, as Hubbard puts it. I know that both Hubbard and Coulter indignantly reject the allegation that they are in agreement...

"No Limit—The Rev. Mr. Welgos is quite correct so far. There are no limits or qualities to the ultimate state of integration... There is not and can't be any progress toward Ultimate Reality (Total Knowingness, Total Source, etc.). There can only be progress away from it, meaning specifically, outside of it. A good goal, as he says, is to go a step toward integration, but—as he doesn't say—not to reach it. I agree (by this time) with what Welgos is do' here and how he's trying to do it.l (Don't say I don't change!)...

"Naught But Nothing — Friedman's column is, to me, an absolute semantic blank, except the last line. That is certainly true, but what does it prove?

"Letters—Ivor Darggg — I'm glad you put this in. I had overlooked the validity value of the feeling of nostalgia he refers to in connection with some whole-track facsimiles. I June, 1956 have also experienced this. I also agree about the part on Hell. The way I put this is: The only event a person can possibly fear is what has already happened to him. Additionally, perhaps, what he has seen happen to someone else with whom he identified himself at the time. Volney Mathison — I thought WilE Tm Reich u s e an instrument quite similar to a probe F-meter some 25 years ago and illustrated it in his 'Pantion of the Orgasm', Volume 1?... Marie Sweet—The supershrewd Hubbard (and his bitterest opponents grant him that) may be promoting, as a secondary strategy , independence among his students by comingon with such progressively outrageous communication that no one with even a twinkle of self-determinism can stand for it very long. The end result would be a. large number of well-informed, skilled, but fairly disenchanted students, and a much smaller number of well-indoctrinated but fairly stupefied and quite gutless followers -to-the -bitter-end. That way he can have the many students to disseminate his philosophy through the culture, and at the same time, have the small nunber of herbivorous adherents to 'remedy his admiration' (idolize him). And isn't the situation shaping up something like that already?...Art Coulter-- I don't see why anyone shouldn't think Hubbard is God if they want to --apotheosis has always been a nice hobby, if rather time-consuwig and wasteful of emotional output... Not all Diantologists (do leave us the Capital, please) who run out Hubbard end in the sad state mentioned. Some wind up with a relaxed attitude like a local fellow I know. Me.. .Ruth Perks —What base has her certainty the subnormal children do not suffer or in what way?.. .Mark Gallert--1hen I was a kid, I didn't know about any Mrs. Hand. My mother was 'May', 'The Lady of the House', or 'Your Mother' Tf Gallert wishes to have married people change their names, I suggest the Icelandic system. I knew a student from Iceland named Agnar Bogason. His father was Bogi Olafson, his grandfather Olaf Agnarson. He married a Chicago girl now called Mrs. Bogason, not to be confused with his parent, a Mrs. Olafson...

"Volney Mathison's ad is the most enchanting article in the issue, and has the prettiest illustration. I mean the top one, not the lecture audience.. .1 hope the work of Mathison will help correct the wretched situation revealed by the work of Kinsey... The founder of Christianity was reportedly a bachelor; the founder of Islam a family ma n . Both religions have a strong Puritan bias on sex. Couldn't be tradition...

"From even so short a study at the U iversity, I happily find the orthodox psychologists ar e quite aware of many of Hubbard's (mostly Dianetic) principles, which are, of course, termed differently. Th ey are, however, not aware that hysteria-conversion systems and psychosomatic disorders have a common origin. Score one for Hubbard there."— Fred Hand, Houston, Te^cas.

"You are putting out a better and better magazine with every issue. Please keep it coming."- -Alfred Wilson, Clydebank, Glasgow.

"You are taking advantage of me. You know I could not refuse after seeing the March issue."- -Alfred Dean Burck, Hollywood, Calif.

"Someone pointed out that the feudal ystem was the most perfect oT- all systems, in which each part upies its rightful place— i.e., oc King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, Rooks, and Pawns. Sc they feud-all, sewed-all into one.


"So, if you want to belong to the feudal system, go ahead. If you want to unmock or demock the feud, go ahead. Better do nothing-all...

"You did a good job on my caricature of a face. But the text is too serious for the picture. But who am I to be fussy about details. I think I made a mistake in the text, 'We can't pull the wool over our (not your) eyes for long. Our environnent is collapsible.' Here again, this is of minor import. The reader should be able to guess that our wool is our environment...

"I assume the Big Mouth article is yours and very apropos. It ha pens just so, too often. The M.D. s are dead ignorant about psychiatry even as are the psychiatrists.

"Again Purcell went wrong. 'Together we die, apart we live'. Solly I have to be thatta way.

"Rev. Welgos goes well in 'No Limit' article.

"Volney Mathison must be a Sexagenarian.He should be ashamed of himself.

"The Mysterious Phil Friedman is a dirty crack. I'll admit, however, to being MESTified. Who isn't? So I don't have anything to say and I didn't say it. O.K., Jasper...

"No result from my Adv., so bill me double and try to collect. The article is a little over my head, not 3'0" in back, where your ]lead is 3'0" ahead of yourself."--philip Friedman, Florence, Ariz.

"My entry: 'Call HALS for MAMA' is 'Call Hart Advertising & Letter Service for Mimeographing, Addressing, Mailing, Advertising Right?" --Sam Householder, Birmingham. Ala. (Si). Note -- You're getting close.)

"Note that our friend Phil Friedman still insists that Krishnamurti is staring a hole through himself. With all due respect to Mn. Friedman's analysis, I would suggest that perhaps it would not be a bad idea for the rest of us to do likewise, i_f we have the courage*

"For the benefit of those not too familiar with Mr. Krishnamurti and his background, I might give a very brief rundown: As a young man Mr. Krishnamurti was acclaimed the 'messiah' by many, not only in this country but the world over. He traveled in many countries teaching and making new disciples and founded the Order of the star'. Ater a good while (still a yonug man), he repudiated all claims made for him, dissolved the Order of the Star, and no longer acknowledged his followers. Since that time, so far as I

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