Volume 3, Issue 3, page 3

Uisit04 Bhom, AtaA ft jwa4.Es,
We Ite vets :
-- Need I tell you that my '\ ~~~.
visit to Earth, and to your t
insignificant cubicle, w a s
one of the most memorable events of
my present existence? I've been telling my concubines how you build walls
of processed nothings around you to control temperatures, yet use these self-same
walls to control the entrance and exit of other human beings who permit such barriers to
control their goings and comings.
"You mean, they're SOLID?" Malogey, my favorite, asked. She's the probing type, and can
ask more questions in a clocks tick than a
fly can lay eggs in a lifetime.
"No -- no more than, we are," I told her.
"They just think they are