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We hear confirmed rumors (and how we started
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stand... Ruth leeks and her family
are flyingt ck to the U.S. 25 May
from an Army ass t in Germany. i) ,
For weeks, now, she's been living out of a suitcase -- typewriterless
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We've just finished resdi "The fI te" ans,elent us by by Philip:Yiedman.*Af- ')u (j/1\\ A~~,k
ter digging through the interlineations, underscoring, and marginal
notes, we discovered that the book
was amazing in that about 75 percent
of it could almost be a textbook for
"The Infinites". To those who say
they can't understand Friedman, this self-auditing S ento
book might be a "Rosetta Stone" for s10 Thai A T
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Stops and "Go"... We the Mazureks' Chicago Dianetic InFLY, the journal of stitute as a staff auditor, accordy that Dr. Thurman ,We were
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hat. 1We don't know writing articles for the Satevepost
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City,-D.C. (Since probably a subconscious ¶lie—primers paragraph, we've ily because Ray has an aversion to
e "Wild-a-Man Kits", anything that smacks of possible rePurcell of Wichita, incarnation. In the same issue, he
curios ty made him devotes more than 30 pages to exbump' of curiosity ploftation of "The Shaver Mystery"
o the extent of ask- a fantastic expose of great cities
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ogy's so good, when are you going to teach ME some of that
tuff you've been doing ever since you took that course?'
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