Volume 3, Issue 3, page 11

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The word "dead" connotes perfec- of an even large
tion, as "dead center", etc. When tern. So long as
perfection is achieved in die-ing, alive his actin
in the die that is cast of all the interactions of tr
positives and negatives of our di- terns of which he
vided living, and gathered up under Any functioni
the apex, as symbolized in that rays- it be a watch o
terious Great Pyramid, in the King's race, functions
Chamber with the empty casket at its the law of syne
dead center, then does perfect zero- moral or ethical
ing take place. Historically, only a volved in the law
f e w men, l i k e Moses, Elijah, or simply a basic
Jesus have attained perfection in system functions
death. When one is really dead, his this law it achie
casket is empty. There is nothing to the system does
bury. does not achieve
The sunshine takes the shine out able Now we
of thl' the dull darkness re- ags, will experience stores it. Bree that he gen
"Thou shalt not make unto thee woirllaccompl eliminatesish
any graven image, or any likeness of gree that he g
anything that is in heaven above, or or eliminates dys
that is in the earth beneath, or As human being
that is in the water under the
earth,"- - i.e., no mock-ups. fielies reap
selves syyner nergical
Grounding is winding. actions of life.

We have the obi
Skirts skirt up. Skirts are the reason. We have
tricks the clergy use to reverse der synergic j
their poles. power in the u
force or coerce
Man is the most complex creature, synergically, it
the most divided, the most material- of God, and we
ized, the most fallible and fall- that such force
able. power of God i
lox is the Law. Electricity is part of God's pia:
e-lex-tricity, is "out of the law of the law of syner
tricity". Seemingly flowing forces, achieve purpose.
like electricity, result fran high whether we abide
speed chain creations, generation defiance of it.
after generation. Were human creation speeded up, it also would seem Hidden
to flow. United we stand, divided we
flow. Flowing is falling. A flow is
a wolf, a positive masculine species,
a down flow seeking amate to rise in. By Arth
"How uneasy lies the head that
wears the crown," was spoken of the W' lacks. But
King, the K -ing exploding apex. becca eats more
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Nature, a vacua, abhors a vac- they slip their
um; a critic abhors a critic; and baked beans, or w
an invalidator abhors aninvalidator. They slip their
Rebecca grabs wi
DianOetics came to funlfill, but stuffs, before
it didn't fool Phil, who saw it as And se kknows
mental homeopathy prevent, which
Death is life's better half. she can think, or