Volume 2, Issue 6, page 17

ter bridge'. More and more LRH does
all the work and independent thinking is discouraged.
"In away the lack of scientific
spirit has been the d. tBad eesfliser
of converts IRS has had
ere been warned that continuous experiments would be necessary, the
chances of p-cs becoming disillusioned and sour would have been ceusiderebly less.
"The search for truth, happiness,
and self-knowledge goes ever award.
I feel that General Semantics as the
philosophy of science can benefit
all of us in these dys of law-toned
degeneration among the ranks of LRH
both here and abroad.
"We can be happy. At least. we
have some idea of at doesn't work,
and this is a positive step forc Torrey, Phoenix Ariz.
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