Volume 2, Issue 6, page 5

The ABENRKS, October, 1955 If and when a thetan decides to stabilize at a
particular level of beingness and knowingness, he
encounters a real test of
his ability. Whether he is
an "operating thetan" or a
"clear", the problem is the
same -- only the scope of it

In this world. as of nor, we have
sony grooms, controls. and social
conntacts to co?tend with. Some of
the groups and or controls (often
the same) will ry to prevent a thetan from stabilizing upon a level
which will enable him or her to
function satisfactorily. This is
attempted and accomplished through
social contacts.

One of the most common methods
involves space. It is the theten'a
ability to beadle space that either
lets him accomplish the desired results or not.

By putting ant eight anchor points
in a room or in the open, you create
space for yourself. It is also a
fact that there may be other anchor
points in the same space put there
previously by someone else. The result is interference, and the one
with the most on the ball ends up
owning that space. When you have
control groups claiming that area as
their jurisdiction. the odds pile up
fast, mead even an operating thetan
can have a :hard time of it unless he
opens up in ential. This of
course is what is desired at
this point, so the thetan defeats
his awn purpose -- that of stabilizlug at a articular level. You can
not stabilize very well if you are
catching and 'tossing energies.
thoughts. or mock-ups on various
levels for any length of time. It
is too random.

Also involved in this situation
is responsibility. It comes with
taking over the space. If you will
not assume complete responsibility
you cannot take over the space at
all. Anyone who thinks otherwise is
kidding themselves- Take over a
space and all those within will
shower you with all their desires --
emoted or unwanted by you. It is
you (the area you have marked off
with anchor points) and you have to
be prepared to beet ehtirely different response.

Prope procedure. however, is to
use shields