Volume 2, Issue 6, page 15

The ABERREE, October, 1955
at him and with beautiful (beautiful
because so simple and underst'm,1 -
ble) reasoning unravel and smooth
away mountainous discords.
"The PUNCH LINE -- alongside Dianetics it costs buttons. JWW is too
interested in his work to think of
"I " have no axe to grind, but in
this day when everyone is out to get
a lot and give little, I have to
stop and give due credit to encourage the good." -- Jacob Apsel, Milwaukee, Wis.
"Here's a vote in favor of making
your AB all in micro elite. And if
you must chop pages, why not chop
off the front page? It does nothing
except show your skill in art, and
since that is new proved, let the
mag return to being a mouthpiece instead of a showpiece. Then it would
be possible to stretch pieces like
Friedman's into many hunks instead
of such a big, hard to digest piece.
I don't think he masticated this one
enough himself. And than maybe '1819-etc.' would get on into something
besides blowsy nothings. I would
like some case items. Who got better
and had? That was the theme back in
1950...What does the field think of
'professionals' who are so AFRAID
they cannot use their names?" -- Lee
Lockhart, El Paso, Texas.
"When will folks learn that Theta
is not the spiritual part of man?
Theta is the physical mind -- subconscious, conscious and supraconscious,
but still a human mind all the way.
That is Theta. This is what the Kahunas use, exactly.
"Scientologists and other mixedup people try to control God by controlling Theta. No one can control
God. I note that P-C's get fear as
they get close to their human origin. Sure, that is in Genesis when
Adam and Eve became fearful for going against God's command and tried
to hide frcm God. When processing
takes people back to that point fear
again takes possession of them, but
you can't take a P-C or anyone else
any further back into their beginning because the rest of the way is
via the spiritual realm and human
ideas and methods have no influence
there. The Faster Jesus taught the
way back without any fear arising
but orthodoxy skips it because they
do not understand it oral so foist
the phony vicarious atonement upon
people in lieu of the spiritual approach.
"I note that Ron has gone back
into Buddhism, etc. Those are all
human ideas that have been tried
thousands of years and nothing happens." -- Dr. Addison O'Neill, Daytona Beach, Fla.
%co &Mot:
"Is there any good reason why I
-shouldn't see what all the other
computers are doing? Please send me
The Aberree' for one year, or until
you are finally uninocked, or unfrocked, whichever is the lesser
period. The local postoffice assures
me that you will shortly receive a
money order for 2 dollars which
seems a poor exchange for eighteen
shillings and fo once, Australian
currency." (ID. N We agree, and
in recompense. we promise not to be
unnecked or unfrocked until your
subscription expires.) -- John Ni. Iggulden, Victoria, Australia.
"The September Aberree contained
a letter by Fred Fend of Houston
which makes some points well worth
considering. He says he checked
Hu'utard's quotations from the Dharma-Putra and Sutras and finds them
correct. I would like to ask NQ.
Hand if he would agree that Hubbard's materials are taken exclusively from the Neyahara or greater
vehicle of Buddhism.
"Originally, Buddha bad sought
the answers to the question of why
suffering and what can be done about
it. He found one possible answer in
the famous 'Four Holy Truths' which
show how suffering arises frcm unsatisfied desires, and that suffering can be eliminated by ceasing to
want things. He found endless disputes going on about religion, the
hereafter, fate, sin, etc. These
disputes were held in meetings where
a certain flag was flying. Buddha
said to take down the flag and end
the discussion, as such debate is
profitless, as no final answer can
ever be given. Such questions do not
lead to enlightenment.
"After several centuries, Buddha's truths lose some of their
power to liberate mankind. The Arhats decreased in number, as Buddha
had predicted, and new teachings
were put forth. These new teachings
became the Nayahana and took, I am
told, 12 orthodox and 12 unorthodox
"I submit a hypothesis that Hubbard chose the Way of Bhakti -- the
way of faith and devotion. For obvious reasons, he chose to reject the
Way of Wisdom with its austerity and
concentration upon skill in means.
if we replace the name 'Buddha' by
the name 'Hubbard' we can readily
compare some aspects of Scientology
with Amidism, the 'Pure Land' division of Buddhism. All one has to do
to attain wisdom, clarity, peace of
mind, etc., is to repeat the name of
a saviour, and presto, his needs are
answered. (Ref. 'Buddhism' by Edward
Graze, page 206, could be read in
this connection.)
"Other aspects of Scientology
follow the twists of Buddhism into
Tantric mythology. 'Reality' emerges
from meditation. Everything as it
really is, is really Thought (or
"As for Mr. Hand's statement that
'Thetans are not space-time events'
I am in emphatic agreement. A thetan
cann be viewed, however, as what Jung
teamed a 'partial system' -- a splitoff portion of the psyche. Some kind
of re-integration is needed. As Jung
adds, the whole weight of western
tradition is set against any contact
with the split elements, so one must
go the whole hog for awhile in accepting them if he is to become
whole again. Therefore, I admit it
may be necessary for the Scientologist to keep his toy thetan for a
while. (N.y results in this line of
investigation are pretty much up in
the air. I need more data. Can your
readers supply any case histories
where thetans were renounced voluntarily and the results thereof?)
"Mr. Hand's test of the validity
of a doctrine as semantic invariance
under. a change of terminology seems
like a sound approach. To me, Fred's
continued support of Scientology
carries weight.
"His discussion of Philip Friedman is thought provoking. I confess
I had dismissed Friedman with 'Within a pointless point, he stands
where he is not!. I hope Fred will
be able to elaborate this point in
greater detail." -- Richard W. Lundberg, 219 Claytcn Av., San Jose,Cal.
''hy reason for writing is twofold: To keep my subscription from
running out especially at this time
when the quality of The Aberree is
at its highest...and perhaps you can
give me Kitselman'a address.
"Several times in your Aberree
you have mentioned James W. Welgos,
his writings, his teachings. As one
who has been fleeced by experts in
the Metaphysical field and also in
...Dianetics, I wish to loudly state
that Rev. James W. Welgos is like a
breath of pure fresh air. Twice in
two months I spent a week at Fairhope, Ala., along with others who
came to study and solve problems in
living. The phenomenal manner in
which he dissolves problems is sweet
to witness. Again and again I have
seen ,ThW take the complexities thrown
"Finally came across another issue of the Aberree, Sept., 1955.ml
like this issue very much. Dandy
cover, good editorial, fine articles. You're doing a fine job. Keep
it up...
"I don't know much about the socalled fields of dianetics or scien