Volume 2, Issue 6, page 20

The ACREE. October, 1955
Capita 1 rift^
each Sunday that individuals can go
out and use in every-day life. It
keeps us an our toes each week studying her to en, the same things over
and over in a different way. It is
an exciting and interesting game.
"In fact, we find Scientology the
most exciting game available on this
or any other planet. No matter what
the antics of the one who brought it
to this planet may produce by way of
the creation and destruction of organizations. it will survive and develop and change this world and make
it a better place to live in. There
are plenty of us who will see to
that."-Hardin and Joanna Walsh, Los
Angeles. Calif.
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"I'm keeping quite busy. Doing
all the auditing I can...Just now we
me using mostly opening procedure
and the creative imagination
techniques. Seem to get results no
matter what method is applied, but
I find that dC works on cases I
would have passed over in the past.
"Effort processing still works on
those high enough an the tone scale
to use it. I know they name it differently. but it still would work
under any other name.
"I like your little magazine, and
I hope that eventually it graduates
to news of the results of techniques
as applied in the field and condensed case histories, axonal as
gossip, news, and opinions. I still
find that the future, and lift
the charge an it, is one of the best
things to work on high toned cases.
Lew toned ones, or better. 'scattered ones' -- get them in the row
with 'touch the wall', or such. I
used to use coffee and such things
and get similar results.
"And no case will ~mprave unless
some agreement about goals is reached with the auditor.
"Keep up the good work -- throw the
rest of it out." -- Harold Schroeppel.
Chicago, III.
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"I believe Brishnamurrti has sed
the problem the best in the field.
But he wants you to scan it and
knock it out homeopathically. So,
how many problems can a guy look at
in a lifetime? No. it's not a oneshot, all-inclusive technique. And
how sure are you that it is erased,
considering how easily the same
problems can be restimulated. And
suppose a fringe area of the problem
remains unerased. Like Alexis Carroll's heart, it grows back from a
mere speck, and if over-erased it is
another implant. The more I think of
any stem the less I think of them.
`'Walsh in the final analysis finds
that the P-C is a point in a selfcreated universe. Zeros within zeros, ripples of engrains. etc. Can you
die to your universe, or must your
universe die to you? What does it
feed on? Basically thoughts? If we
stop feeding it, will it die? Is the
P-C and his universe mutually consequential? Now you ask a for.

I chuckle with glee to feel that
I don't have to do anything about
ar.ything. What a load off my skinny
shoulders. But I must not have the
courage of my convictions, because I
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