Volume 2, Issue 6, page 14

Society Denies They Exist, c
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By JAMES F. PINKHAM loud outcries against such with which Seientologists
an "invasion of privacy". change addresses 'may SurThe
d abilitiesd variese from Fortunately for those who p
war r~tse Fred Hibbard of Dodge
individual to individual. A do possess such abilities sting gas., who y service.
ppoositive attitude of car- as telepathy, precognition, at a rdrsatsrh sbl iev
tzinty marks the rEin telekinesis,. and the like,
bare says he believes
whose abilities are in evi- most individuals refuse to tteerested in 200 Di 000 ~Sc1dance because actions dem- believe that these activit- entolo a etiep,
re possible; y ~_'onstrate" these abilities. lea a
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choose -to be ace
Great scientists inventors Pe- kato e" of olo leA-and and captains of industry, and ~'o unaistudown 'IX he can corral g2,000 of
leaders of nations are known To get right down to
as of abilit oases, Practically no one them long enough to impress
people y through is- entirely incapable of -their brands in his card
the record of their acts. saie minor degree of emo- file, anyone wanting to Ib
Only a slight change in at- tional, or sub vocal telep- nate others in geir- own
titude to one of uncertain athv_ and the man who wad area with similar wrests
ty can reduce tremendously' comp'E3ete1v incapable of any can do so. This could lead
the effectiveness of an in= degree of "pprecognition, even to an exchange of auditing,
dividual of comparable 2L the slightest, would find or plain "bull sessiohs" --
tential ability. Yet some it surprisingly difficult -- with others who won't look
abilities will be in evi- in fact, almost impossible -- at yon with arced eye-bffows.
dente despite the barrier to live in the present-day There is no charge for
to action which uncertainty worldy with any degree of listing. Fred says he at
presents. effectiveness and success least hopes to find six or
A further change in atti.- Other bizarre abilities are. so in his own territory with
tude, to one of certainty admittedly less frequent,'
requeen he can work occasionthat ne hacks ability, more linus al
takes the individual's abil a -it devolves t, .1inhis own territory with
to a matsties out of the action t attitude toward ate, influences but does t relevel eilities. - ally enforce the child's
Unusual entirely. nti or abnormal ab- A small child may pee- decisions and attitudes with
ilities present anther as- sees far more unusual abril- regard to such abilities.
ities of this sort and It is for the child. to depect of the subject: a re- fewer smi" abil'tiem;= side, and great people of
luctance to exhibit these than_ a mature adult. The unusual abi li ties in later
abilities because of their attitude of adults toward' life decided to use rather
unusual nature, and non- these childhood abilities -than abandon thun,
conformity to the norm, or
average patternof behavior.

This aspect of unusual ab- ~j wv 3 SCMM O&ES -- A navel of aersaility may change attitude perg is a small tava. ,r th
patterns toward uncertainty - = - f v a hear sreed -- an of love. bate
har or negative certainty. NOTES C® TEE CLERICAL CO1J SE -- No broil tthegcleossely-knit ne ors
Certain of these ability wonder these have been de- - of a small village . . . . $2.50
ies are seemingly frowned Glared "illegal and unauthor- L.

upon or actively resisted Iliad". More than 200 pages of CO-OPERATIVE SEALING. by
the Society as a whole, from lectures given by L. author simple lame.
by Y • 11~ net es to students of his the a
hor tells tra" kmmsn medi
or groups of individuals"~ - im0 Advanced Clinical Course. ations can be used to =iv diwithin the society. Some These cover theo co-ope
ry. processes sense -- your am. or in
such abilities are even - not available outside the class- tion with others. 395 pages..
feared by the preponderance' roee. and the exact patter for > Tom,
of normal people of the several hours processing. =6.00 ( thant') • •=3
world. As an example, the ZLBCTAOPSYCHOMET r -- 4th Edition ?OU LIVE Alm IkEATE
telepath is either treated in two volumes- by Volney BY Harold sherman • • .2.75
as a curiosity by those who Mathison. Detailing use of the E ter -- plus several techniques AWNING
Consider "mind-reading" a acv being introduced to doctors 4 bertha Courtis . $1.50
stage illusion, or feared for use in therapy. A theory of
by those who take the matter man and why he is ill no student NOTES SOPPLINENTARI 01 =DOCseriously. If telepat can afford to pass up ,whether TOBITE CCUBSl. 52 pages of
were accepted as a real he uses an lectrapsychameter or notes on London lectures . . .$1
phenomenon not. Both volumes *3.75
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control society, it efforts "TICHNIGOE 88" -- 15 hears of Order from or destroy those -- possessed Hibbard topes. made in June The ABERREE
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