Volume 2, Issue 6, page 4

4 -.The AMMER.
once connected with the Elizabeth Foundation told me that he was collared by a
wild-eyed student auditor while first
checking in to that establishment; the
student's pre-clear was facing a sabretooth tiger, and what should he (the student) do about it?
Well, this adequately explained
things while the genetic line was being
explored. The genetic line is the series
of incidents (almost infinite+innumber)
which indicates that almost everyone has
a personal history of evolution; he has at
one time or another spent a "life" as
everything from a protozoa in the ocean
to a clam to the primate to "dawn"-man to
present-day man. The eveutaAOW place
in chronological order -- so it-wo-ld seem
that "theta" is learning how to build
more complicated and better bodies, and
has wound up being, or activating, human

As research moved on, it developed
that there is more than one "line". There
are, it seems, three -- the genetic line,
the theta line, and the protoplasmic line.
The protoplasmic line is the conventional
parents-to-children line -- generation to
generation. The theta line is the bodyto-body movement of theta, or the thetan,
as he now becomes known. The theta line
was relegated to the "g.e.", or "genetic
entity", supposedly a "decayed thetan"
who runs the autonomic and reflex functions of the body. The "g.e." supposedly
is located in the solar plexus area,
while the thetan is supposed to reside in
the neighborhood of the pineal gland, or
in the center of the head between the

We must now digress to a parallel
development in theory. The dianetic engram, which was supposed to be the result
of an electro-chemical change in one or
more cells as a result of the aforementioned pain or unconsciousness, now becomes the facsimile. This does not invalidate the engram-running methods of
dianetics; it just enlarges the theory a
bit, because so many engrams turned up
that it was obvious that there were not
enough cells in the body to sturel this
data on a physical level. This means that
there are simply not enough atoms and
sub-atomic particles in the body that can
be rearranged in enough ways to have a
record of all the memories we have.

Now, this has long been one of the
things that has bothered physiologists
and their modern counterparts, biologists,
neurologists, and other specialists. It
has been accepted by them, however that
the 1021 neuron endings which are in the
brain must be enough, since it is obvious
that that is the only place for memories
October. 195' to be stored. 10 a, whichmeans a number
10 followed by 21 zeros, is a big number.

If memories were to take up 1,000 of them
per second, we would have enough to last
around 316,775,000,000 years. The computer portion of the mind, though, must
take up a good deal of this -- and I feel
that a complete picture of an instant on
a sunny spring day, with sight, sound,
smells, etc., would take up a lot more
than 1,000 neuron endings, each of which
can only say "yes" or "no" ("off" or "on"
like a light switch.) Of course, no one
in the orthodox sciences knows just how
memories are stored; they say, as I have
mentioned above, that it just "has-to-be"
in the brain.

Well, Ron has come up with a figure
of 76,000,000,000,000 years as the length
of time that thetans haveteen around.
That's just about 240 times too long for
the number of neuron endings. At any
rate, the concept of the facsimile was
born. A facsimile of an incident is an
energy picture of it. It is carried around by the thetan, and may be anywhere
in or near the body. However, at the
time that facsimiles were first discussed,
the genetic entity was supposed to have
his collection, too, which he used to run
the body. There is a trend now, however,
to consider the g.e. to be nothing more
nor less than a collection of facsimiles,
which has reached such a complexity as to
have a semblance of intelligence.

This leaves us, then, with the thetan. And just what is a thetan?
Well, he corresponds somewhat to the
religious concept of soul, and this is
the genesis of the churches Ron has organized. A thetan isn't any thing. He
has no mass (or weight), wave-length,
motion, energy, etc. -- things which would
make him partake of the MEST Universe.
Ron's definition is "a viewpoint of dimension", which means a point which views
dimension or from which to view dimension
(see things across a distance). It doesn't have any location in space or time.
It can be at two, a dozen, or a million
places in space or time at once.

The moat-important thing about a
thetan to you, though, is that you are
one. This is, for some reason, a most
difficult point to get across.

For the implications of this and
what Scientology seeks to do about it,
keep tuned to this station.
(*fZ -- What is Scientology? What is Dianeticsl
A. Doctor of Scientology. who asks that his identity
be guarded. has written a series of articles. giving
his interpretation of L.Thm Bobberd'a writings and lectures. This is the second. and others will follow as
we have space..y re Ne think the series important because
nore th structure which hifor the est"sevoly d.
~ e g_