Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued) | Can you list all 30 of the Senses?

communication, the Journal of Scientology, the PABs, and CERTAINTY are greatly enhanced by your efforts. Please keep going...

"Incidentally, all of us in this area have attended Clem Johnson's evening group sessions which run 5 days a week. Clem and Duch are working hard and steadily and successfully with the groups and individuals in this area. Clem thinks highly of you Alphia so you can't be such a 'devil' after all...

"Your editorial and deMille's article on 'Knowing' was interesting and useful. My own answer to the question of 'Knowing how to know what?' is, knowing how to know anything. By increasing awareness and perception we learn how to KNOW. Looking, being aware, reduces speculation. How many Scientologists can take their Scientology vocabulary or terminology and substitute 3 other words for each? It constitutes a sort of therapy.

"The various definitions of clears, scientology, etc., that you print are helpful. Definitions can change. Why not? See Logic 5, Logic 7 and 2nd Corollary which last I quote, 'Truth is relative to environments, experience and truth.'

"I think LRH long ago and time and again gave an excellent reason why pc's weren't able to apply scientology to their problems, or 'didn't want to get well'. It sounds sort of stupid from one viewpoint but 'that's their problem' and it is also a clue to the auditor as to what's wrong with their case. There wouldn't be any p.c.'s if they could apply scientology to their problems. They are not able to. The auditor should be able to enable them to change their decision.

"I have set up a standard and am attempting to run each tape of group processing tapes A, B, C, etc., over and over consecutively until they correspond to the standard: such as no further physiologic reactions -- somatics, yawns, tears, laughs, etc., no further tone rises or falls. No further change AND I can answer all commands and questions rapidly and completely and continually until the next command comes along. I wear headphones to listen -- it cuts distractions. What criterion do others use? Why?

"Let's hear from Agnes editorially." -- Jim Keefer, Leesburg, Fla.

"The Notes on the Doctorate Course seem fascinating. Thank you." -- Sid Twombly, Schenectady, N. Y.

Can you list all 30 of the Senses?

Do you know that you have senses more important than sight or hearing, available for your specific use?

Or are you trying to get along with over-working less than five?

Nature did not provide a wonderful Memory without also providing specific indexes for it. Everything that ever happened to YOU, as well as specifically what to do about it, is RECORDED RIGHT IN YOUR OWN MIND -- NOWHERE ELSE. Do you know how to specifically use your Memory Indexes, as Nature intended?

Do you know that you can specifically direct and use the Sense of Energy, instead of remaining a victim of uncertainty and nervousness?

Do you know the step-by-step mental functions for relief from glasses, sinus, arthritis, overweight, or other goals you wish to attain? and the specific time required?

Are you broadening your mentality in Balancing 'all' of the Mind, or are you unbalancing it all the more in trying to develop less than 1/8th of it, and neglecting the rest?

Specific mental exercises that work, prove themselves, on Self, by Self. Nothing else is needed.

Our work is in developing 'all' thirty of the Senses, and providing specific exercises for specific results, in the time pre-planned; to benefit in practical every-day use -- as of NOW.

Further clarifications on request.

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