Volume 11, Issue 3, page 15

tionary', andKingJames. If it
is necessary to redefine or
bastardize terms in order to
communicate, then let's do so.
Otherwise back to Chaucer. 'If
you're hot today and cool tomorrow, daddy,' then you've
had your fun. And language can
be fun, too." -- Carl Harr, Portland, Ore.

C o c) o
J OME TIME back you ran a
piece by a ? Crawford who
declared in effect that hypnosis was powerful, devilish,
utterly evil.
"Now, you have run a lot of
gabble-de-gook by Marquis McDonald which calls up in my
mind a cartoon image of a
country hick chewing on a
straw, gaping at a circus billboard picture of a huge giraffe, and declaring, 'There
ain't no sech animule ! '
"McDonald asserts flatly
that any brief, casual hypnotizing routine of a couple of
minutes will be just as effective as a long, slow procedure.
This would bring a grim smile
to the face of a competent
medical hypnotist preparing a
deep trance wherein a surgeon
is to remove painlessly a gangrened limb. (This was actually
done many times in Jap concentration camps when the Japs
refused to supply anaesthetics
to imprisoned American doctors
who wished to treat wounded
comrades. The successful results let eventually to the
full recognition of hypnosis
by medicine. Such inductions
for surgery require hours and
hours, and therefore chemical
anaesthesia is usually preferable.)
"McDonald's piece is a weird
mixture of fact and 100% falseto-fact, inextricably intermingled. It reads like an amateurish thesis based on a lot
of reading and little or no
professional experience in the
healing field.
"My work of hundreds of
professional self - hypno recordings -- including the famous
case of the dying Mary Jean
Corcoran who has now become a
wonderful girl, and a later
dramatic case of a multimillionaire eastern bank president
who felt secretly utterly inferior in his powerful world --
such successful cases cause me
to feel more and more respect
for the phenomena indicated by
the misleading ward 'hvnnnei '
"In my book, 'Practical
Self-Hypnosis', 18 pages are
used merely partially to define
hypnosis, and my colleague,
Leslie Lecron, in his recent
best-seller 'Self -Hypnotism',
uses many more for the same
"I decry the doings of trivial fakers, such as scientologists and the like, who glibly denounce hypnosis and then

try covertly to use it in
their phony systems." -- Volney
G. Mathison, Los Angeles, Cal.
"j GREATLY enjoyed my brief
1 talk with you, as I meet
so few thinking people these
"The ABERREE you gave me
was most interesting, especially Rev. Wayne Trubshaw's
plan to make 24,000-mile long
corn rows for food production.
"But you ain't seen nothing
yet. The Bible says 'the reaper shall catch up with him
that sows'. Which means you
hook the drill behind the tractor and the combine behind the
drill, the latter reaping the
grain as fast as it squirts up
behind the drill.
"I'm not being facetious.
This is sound Bible truth, direct from God's word, the 'sure
word of prophecy. Praise God'."
-- Floyd M.Gurley, Colony, Kas.

`"IN ORDER to get my writing
done -- and because of California State laws -- and because the over-abundance o f
corres. from the Org. has sent
me into apathy on the whole
subject (of Scientology) -- but
mainly because I want to live
with my husband -- I am practically giving up processing. I
love Bishop (Calif.) and can
be very happy there. I am not
sure whether this applies to
winter, too; Remi so far has
not let me stay there in the

"We are both feeling happy
that our son has been notified
that on May 22 he will be the
recipient of th e Brittania
Award -- 'established by the
Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty of the United Kingdom
in appreciation of the assistance rendered by the U. S. Navy
in training British pilots
during the period 1952-56. 'It
is presented to the Navy or
Marine Corps student undergoing advanced flight training
who attains the highest overall weapons score during each
calendar year: " -- Idella Stone,
321 E. Grandview, Sierra Madre, Calif.
`WE'VE BEEN looking back thru
our years of ABERREEs --
have almost 10 years' files, I
believe, or the complete set,
with only a few missing issues
-- and are rereading much of
the material with great interest... We're really struck with
its enormous value, in looking
back over our copies." -- Barbara Fiske, Si lver Springs,
(ED. NOTE -- Yes, old copies
of The ABERREE neither die nor
fade away; unfortunately they
just get dog-eared and worn
out from re-perusing.)
"I HAVE been receiving my copies of The ABERREE fine so
far. I read every word of it
from cover to cover, even the
adv. I haven't much to read
here. There are libraries but
the Mexicans don't trust the
books out of the library, probably due to sad experience.
You have to go and read at the
library ...
"I don't believe in my
former letter I told you about
one of the Mexican customs
that impressed me most. Here,
when people die, they rent a
place in the graveyard. The
bodies are not embalmed, just
buried. After 7 to 12 years
the rent is then due again.
The family (if there are any
left to care) has then a
choice, they can pay for the
lot on a permanent basis, or
can take the bones out and pay
for a crypt in a mausoleum or
a crypt in the church or just
forget about it. If they choose
the latter, the bones are dug
up and the grave site is used
for someone else. The medical
students use these bones for
the study of anatomy.
"Every year the medical
students go out grave digging.
There are 1800 students in the
beginning classes. Out of these
1800 they choose two from each
group -- 24 in all. Bob was one
of the lucky 24. He was told
to report to school at 6 A.M.,
which he did. They had a hearse
there that the school was going to take the students to the
graveyard in. It was too dirty
and no one would get in it. So
they h ad to find some other
transportation, which turned
out to be sort of a pick-up
station wagon. They all piled
in except 4 who had to take a
taxi. When they arrived at the
graveyard they were assisted
by three professional gravediggers and given shovels.
They dug for hours and stacked
all the bones they could find.
On the way back to the school,
Bob said they put the little
bones, like the finger bones
and toes, etc., in paper grocery bags Bob and two others
had brought along. They just
stacked the rest of the bones
the best way they could in the
pick-up and all piled in beside them...
"The famous cathedral here
we have visited several times.
It is very beautiful. When the
Spanish came here and conquered
Mexico from the Aztecs in 1521,
they ordered the pyramid to be
demolished because it was the
temple of worship and they
used human sacrifice. On the
very spot where the temple
stood they constructed this
Catholic cathedral. It took
them over 200 years to build
and it was finally completed
in. 1813. It is a composite of