The Big Trouble with Dianetics -- NOBODY EVER TRIED IT (continued)

let's not forget a few things that Hubbard knows darn well and hasn't overlooked, even if they are not emblazoned in glaring neon letters at the head of every page.

Most important is Ron's continued admonition to use LIGHT techniques on low-toned preclears.

For example, Ron has repeatedly stated that psychotics are low-toned preclears, and has urged auditors to avoid running the psychotic carelessly, if at all. He has asked over and over, in the paraphrasing of the first book, for auditors to find someone with good reliable sonic, clear visio, true somatics, and NO CIRCUITRY AT WORK, and "clear" a few of them before tackling the most horrible mental and physical wreck in town. Even on a case in "good shape", he suggests lock running and secondary engrams to clear up present time before going for prenatal engrams.

Not the same thing? The h--- it's not!

We've changed names on it, and we've gotten some extended concepts of just what we are working with, but a conscientious auditor working with only the first book, and a clear-cut knowledge of the chapter on Emotion and the Life Force, will produce an operating thetan just as surely as anyone else by later means.

Here's the new Book -- with two routes: one for lower-toned preclears, and one for high toned preclears.

The stumbling block is at Step 4 -- "Exteriorize". If the preclear does, carry on with Route One.

You watch and see auditors taking every kind of low-toned preclear straight through on Route One techniques, completely ignoring the BASIC DATA and plunging in to use every conniving trick in the book to get the poor cuss more involved in heavy facsimiles that he is already dramatizing and can't knock out!

What Ron means here is that you take a high-toned preclear, and if he can exteriorize, run Route One.

Such people constitute a mighty small minority in our population. The rest you run on Route Two, whether they exteriorize or not'.

Hubbard already has said that the main characteristic of a psychotic is rejection of responsibility for a body. Many of them have been exteriorized from childhood. Some of them never have been "in", in the sense that other persons are. They've never had any desire to do anything but "escape reality", to use a dubious term from another field. These need ARC straight wire only.

What will happen -- based on the historical records of dianetic auditing to date? Well, a few auditors will take it easy, use the new outline to help clear up those light locks and emotionally painful engrams that foul up the preclear's present time. These auditors, using Route Two, and working always with the knowledge that present time is the goal, and referring constantly to earlier data on which Ron expects them to work, will use light techniques and produce some pretty extravagant results with the new Auditor's Handbook, because it is terrific.

The rest will be back next year with the same old complaint: "It didn't work."

None of these will recall such pertinent data as "painful emotion (unresolved) is the glue that sticks engrams together." None will realize that in the case of a real "gone" preclear the same holds true -- the preclear is "gone" to escape an unreduced charge of terror, anger, grief, or even apathy, or an emotionally painful incident, and that the light lock is on this end and not at the point of regret for the overt act, or a motivator.

A few know from past experience that any damn' fool can jam a low-toned preclear into somatics or facsimiles that cannot be run. And they also know that it takes a smart and clever operator on the very lightest lock technique to get a preclear to give up that most illusive quarry of all -- the pro-survival ally, on whom all basic aberration hinges and swings and rotates. And that the ally is the ally of the thetan and not the GE (Genetic entity), and goes with the thetan exteriorizing, whether he's a borderline psychotic or a very high-toned individual indeed.

The least foolproof element of the new technique is that in the hands of the wrong auditor, on low-toned preclears (exteriorized, or interiorized), some of the stages will prove to have a tendency toward hypnosis.

Past history indicates that these are the elements that will be leaped upon with glee by the fraternity. They will be magnified, intensified, misapplied, and pinpointed as the very essence of the whole. They will be pounded into preclears willy-nilly by trickery, by "new methods", by counting, by snapping., monotonousizing, until he preclear is turning about 14,OOO revolutions per minute.

It's no wonder the guy acts as silly as a psychiatrist at times and makes some of the statements he does. This sort of thing has been going on for more than four years, without a let-up.