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The Non-serious Voice of All Serious "Sciences of Thought", with a Circulation that Covers the Earth.

Published in the Dark of the Moon -- 6 to 12 Moons a Year-at 207 N. Washington, Enid, Okla.

Editor: The Rev. Mr. Dr. ALPHIA OMEGA HART, D.Scn., F.Scn., B.Scn.(2), D.D., HCA, HDA.


POLICY -- Don't take it so damn' seriously.

NOTE -- We reserve the right to change our minds from issue to issue -- or even from Page 1 to Page 2, if we desire.

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VOL. 1, No. 7 NOVEMBER, 1954


These changes we make each month in The ABERREE aren't aimed entirely at confusing our readers, or providing randomity. Some are dictated by the material we have, but most of the changes reflect our dissatisfaction with previous issues.

For one thing, we hope to look more like a magazine in the future than like a newspaper. For another, we'd like a different type of copy -- and in this, we invite our readers to help us out.

No matter what "science of thought" you follow, you have some reason for continuing that line. What is it? If you practice Dianetics or Scientology, what success have you had? How about some Case Histories? What can you say that will validate Man, explain his rise or fall? point the way to a brighter, more certain future?

Those who think The ABERREE has only one goal -- to take a cynical, satirical poke at Scientology, those who oppose Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, or anything else other than the Army and asininity -- are mistaken. Satire, even in the hands of an expert, has limited value. And we're no expert. Sometimes, we'll admit, our efforts are just plain "corny".

So, if there's something you don't like about The ABERREE, tell us. You see, we don't like it either, and that's why we didn't send you this issue. We didn't even print one this month.


When the first atomic bomb was launched against Hiroshima to reflect the insanity of an avenging nation, scientists tried to salve the fears of the portion of the populace that could look ahead with the assurance:

"No one needs fear any bigger -- or smaller -- bomb. The formula of the A-bomb is critical, and to try and enlarge or reduce the proportions would only result in a 'dud'. That is why the EXACT proportions must be guarded with this country's life."

Announcements that the Bikini test bombs were greater than those which brought Japan to her knees were denied. "They were just more efficient," said the pacifiers.

Then came the H-bomb, with the A-bomb merely providing the match to set off this suicidal demon. In recent Pacific tests, "freedom of the seas" had to be suspended over a 700-mile radius to "protect" any ships that might find their path in sequestered waters.

Now, two TIME magazine writers have published a book, entitled "The Hydrogen Bomb", which reveals for the first time (no pun intended) that the U. S. has perfected a "super H-Bomb" that can destroy an entire nation at one whoo-o-o-f -- with the punch of nearly 45 million tons of TNT. Because of the square ratio at which an explosion is effective, this probably does NOT mean that the blast would level an entire country, unless it were directed at some tiny nation. However, it does show to what lengths a destruction-happy gang of licensed murderers will go, and