Over the Editor's Shoulder

Over the Editor's Shoulder

"When I saw the cartoon on Procedure 30, I split my sides. Best cartoon I have seen for a long time... Enclosed check is for a subscription for Geoffrey Baker, of ... It appears that it is rough to send money out of England and so it has been agreed between the two of us that we swap subscriptions and he will receive The Aberree while he is having the Bristol Dianetic Review sent to me." -- Dr. C. Gordon Fleming, HCA, Dishman, Wash.

"It is obvious that you are having a gay old time producing the Aberree. More power to you. I told you scientologists were just ornery enough to make it a success, and it looks as though I was correct the first time. Here in Washington we are enjoying your efforts even though some of the contributors seem to need more time being audited, rather than time for thinking about what is wrong with the techniques or Ron. There are quite a few figure, figure, figure examples strewn throughout the pages. I hope it acts as a spur to others to get audited out of that band.

"According to my lawyers, the Church of Scientology will be a fact before this week is over, (the Washington, D.C. Church, that is). Tomorrow (September 21) is the date set for the board of directors to sign the papers of incorporation, etc.

"We also have a new addition to the staff here which is extremely welcome to all of us. Ralph Swanson, former vice-president of HASI in Phoenix, is now our associate director. Another prize addition is Carol Yeager who was graduated from the 2nd clinical course in Camden, as well as the 7th unit in Phoenix. Both have a sizable background in Scientology, and a sizable and excellent reputation.

"Our groups are growing at the rate of four to seven newcomers each week. This is due to some newspaper ads... We announce more advance group procedures on other nights for which we make a charge. The plan seems to work fine, and people are very happy with the results.

"Now that we have the stellar staff, we are going to open our big guns. It will be fun to see what happens." -- Bill (Dr. W. H.) Young, Washington, D. C.

"Everyone here is walking madly to and fro between two objects and giving their colour, weight and temperature. We have not made a start yet as we have had the house too full, but will get down to it in the fairly near future, I expect. It strikes me as good although maybe not so good as it is thought to be by everyone, that is, everyone who hail the newest as the best..." -- A. J. S. McMillan, Bristol, England.

"John and Lillian (Bloomquist) reported that you were doing fine, and I guess the last issue of The ABERREE is proof of it. It meets my acceptance level even though one veteran auditor of my acquaintance stated that she 'had no time for scuttlebutt'. I like the stuff.

"If I can find anyone going that way to ride with I may try to get to your conference. It should be as interesting as the Atlanta one.

"Some comments on knowing -- It may be faith that you can get to the end of the street without mishap, but it is possible to 'look' and see that (in the future) you did. It is possible to 'know' the future. Time is an arbitrary. The man who has only 'belief' about the future may well be stuck in present time.

"For Lee Lockhart -- remember me, Lee? -- people who have the 'gift' of healing or some form of theta perception average about one in a thousand or so. They are not rare at all. Incidentally, people who have had one exteriorization by religious means are usually difficult to process. They feel they have the whole answer, when they have only part of it.

"The little spheres J.R. Zubris reports sound to me similar to the exteriorized 'thetans' we used to see around a faith healing meeting here in town. And his symbol 'like a dandelion bloom' like a group control center -- exterior. He should try 'being a group' and see if the symbol