Concept Therapy | Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)


Special classes on the integration of Concept Therapy and Electropsychometry will be conducted by Volney G. Mathison, Dr. Thurman Fleet, and a leading psychotherapist yet to be named, at the

Town House Hotel

Kansas City, Kans.

NOV. 5, 6, 7

FEE $50.00

Anyone may attend, but enrollments MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE BY MAIL, with a minimum deposit of $5.00.

Concept therapy is a therapy based on electronuclear science. It was originated in 1938 and is increasingly in professional use. Mathison Electropsychometers, after two years of tests, have been adopted by Concept Therapy as the only so-far known mode of psychotherapeutic electronic instrumentation.

Address Correspondence To:


1214 West 30th Street

Los Angeles 7, Calif.

Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

through all kinds of terror, death, and excruciating pain via comics or other medium by the process of duplication? And how is the church going to control them if it can't scare them? The same with medicine and psychiatry. If a person can create the sensations of every conceivable kind of injury or malady, how is the Doc going to convince them they are ill?

"Of course there will always (let's hope not) be juveniles, because of prenatals or burdened childhoods, who will commit crimes (before they receive processing from any source). When they are caught in their crimes they will blame something (for the purpose of escaping responsibility -- not punishment) and what would be easier than to blame the comics; especially when so many columnists (what a lucrative business!) and editors are yelling about it?" -- Fred Hibbard, Dodge City, Kans.

"Thanks for the sample copy. I like the tone much, much better than that of a previous issue I saw. Not being a Scientologist yet, some of it is 'way over my head, even the humor." -- Allurah Leslie, New Castle, Penn.

"I like the light tone but also expect some real help from your publication. How about it?" -- Marshall J. Farr, Brooklyn, N.Y.

(Ed. Note -- The ABERREE has no "help you" aims, but if, in it, you can find a clue that will help you help yourself, you're welcome.)

"Your publishing The ABERREE with an increasing amount of optimum randomity is evidence of how you feel about Scientology, life, people, things and so forth. I like it because it makes me feel good. You are reaching people in all kinds of states. Maybe we all think we're unique in the amount of plus or minus ability we have or the amount of turbulence we're stuck in. Assuming that's true, then there are many others like myself for whom constructive publications like The ABERREE, The CADA BULLETIN, and The GHOST help tip the balance and make survival more hopeful, more fun, and more real. We live with families and groups who either oppose or negate Scientology and we are the lone flower in the bed of weeds (or the other way around) and a good look at the situation reveals that it may be remarkable that most of us are becoming more stable, more able, and we're enjoying life more. The backbone of