What You Validate, You Give Life To


Clinical Course Notes

Direct Living Process Must Be Well Audited, and Given No Significance Whatever!

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was: granting of beingness was being given to the past, and it began to materialize automatically.

When we talk of validation, we're not talking about running pleasure moments. That was running a pattern of flows.

Granting of beingness is having a machine run without wires or dynamos to it.

The universe is designed to stop communication; only cosmic rays come through MEST barriers, and they come through everything at a tremendous rate. Only special shields can stop them.

The only way everything can communicate with you is when you're dead. The thetan gets the idea it is necessary for communication to pass from him in order for him to feel it.

Granting aliveness to something is essentially good; not granting aliveness, and setting up resisting screens, causes it to materialize and jam the machine.

One climbs out of the hole by changing his frame of mind to where he doesn't resist an object; even ignores it. This can be done by Acceptance Level Processing -- find out the thing he can accept, and run it.

Level One is what everybody thinks you want, and Level Two is what we want -- what our grandfathers laid down solid screens against.

An acceptable movie to the public mind would make your hair stand on end.

Refusing life to something necessitates putting up a sheet of life to do the resisting. You give a thing energy by saying there must be no (whatever that thing is.)

A process does exist that can wipe out the ills of man. This isn't Validation Processing. We treat present time and future actualities as it is desired by the individual, with minimal validation of symbols and abstracts.

All we're interested in is granting aliveness to actual things.

Ask: "Give me three places where the condition is not." Then ask: "What's there?" Tell them: "Find a place where you can be really sure."

Work with him until he tells you that things "there" have no significance. To hell with significances.

The preclear who can't exteriorize is usually under duress of some physical pain that is being held in abeyance by something he's not sure of. He's resisting, and therefore has collapsed his lines on it.

This process must be well audited -- not with any significance or association. Until you take these out, he'll continue to resist. If you can get him to neglect his body, he'll exteriorize. But he won't as long as he fights the body, or keeps asking for the significance of blackness.

If there are scorpions or beetles "there", so what? How can they hurt a thetan?

Tell him to find three places in the body that hasn't anything wrong: Be sure he finds places in the body that are all right -- NOT places in the body where the condition doesn't exist.

The thetan, when he gets dim on perception, is busy guarding the body against what's going to be wrong or what has been wrong.

Somatics will show up, but don't get unkind about it. Just find another place that's all right.

By finding these places, you're letting them be alive.

Sometimes somatics will get unbearable, but you just continue the process.

Have the preclear find three things INSIDE the body and three things OUTSIDE the body -- alternately -- that are all right (repeat