Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

doesn't disappear or come under control. Note that the symbol is to be found in the cards of the Tarot. And some of us are telepaths. Not too good yet, but telepaths. Note that the recent issues of Astounding Science Fiction are slanted toward telepaths, and if there aren't a lot of them, John A. Campbell is going to go hungry.

"The dandelion bloom effect has shown up during Procedure 30 processing.

"The idea suggested by Dr. Addison O'Neill looks a little hot to me. I've probably processed as many people as anybody in the future. It is a favorite technique, and I use it to stabilize PC's, but the idea of trying to bypass the bank by this method looks a little rough. The roughest part of anybody's experience is usually in the future. Why do you think the past is so much easier to get at? I wonder if the Doctor hasn't spun in a couple by this technique. They did in California...

"When you got your people 'one month in the future', what were they 'in'? Some will be right in the middle of an atomic war if you do it that way"..." -- Harold Schroeppel, Peoria, Ill

"Quick! Please enter my subscription for a year to The ABERREE before it goes up again. Already my avoidance technique has cost me the difference between $1.68 and $2." -- Irene C. Brecht, Riverside, Cal.

"Results from the previous advertisement were amazing... As long as results warrant, we are a good source for copy." -Wm. R. Furr, Tampa, Fla.

"The latest Aberree is exquisite. Particularly all of it. Liked the discussions of 'Knowing' -- this subject has been a big uncertainty in the minds of many Scientologists. There should be now a great deal less confusion around.

"There is a knowing which is above the level of looking (including evaluation of experience -- bottom of Page 2). That is the certainty of putting something some place and knowing it is placed there, without looking at it (but it is clearly visible if looked at). This is at the very top of the scale -- humans have dropped far below the level of being willing to look at anything.

"We went out to visit Ron and Sue this week. They and the kids are doing fine. We talked about this and that, mostly Scientology and organizational permutations. Ron was very happy to receive the several truckloads of books from Wichita. Plans are to promote and continually publicize Dianetics by a reorganized Dianetic Foundation not directly under the H.A.S.I. Book One and a new book on Dianetics Ron is now writing will be sold by the Foundation. Says the public needs and will accept a mental therapy. Scientology will remain for and to be spread by Scientologists and the HASI. I left with the feeling that Ron is confident things are going well and continually bettering." -- Carroll Hennick, Phoenix.

"It's a (alleged) free country; everyone can go crazy in his own way. Read the Aberration and was mentally cross-eyed when I finished. How sad to lose a good good photographer to such nonsense. Good luck on your book." -- Thomas H. Uzzell, Stillwater, Okla.

"You have winning ways, so I am going to invite you to send The ABERREE for a few months more." -- Ernie Williams, Greenville, S. Car.

"In Roby W. LaMarche's letter, in the October Aberree, he bemoans the lack of millionaire auditors. Wealthy auditors will always be scarce but wealthy ex-auditors should become increasingly plentiful; thereby proving Scientology's worth to society. Anyone that is making lots of money has a high survival level (possibly a few minor circuits) and will not be in the market for much processing. It's the mixed up kids (like me) who need processing and the reason we need it is because we can't afford it (or anything else). In the field of group processing, there is possibly the opportunity for a few outstanding individuals in the role of 'evangelists'.

"The regular Scientologist is, on the average, going to make less than a doctor or dentist for the simple reason that he works on an entirely different principle. The Scientologist is constantly losing his customers by improving them and his new customers are again unwealthy ones. Also auditing, if well done, is dull, monotonous, time consuming, and extremely laborous (mentally). Why should anyone with vast ability (a clear, for instance) be an auditor when they could sit in a well appointed, air conditioned office a few hours a week, make momentous decisions and sign a few papers?

"Now about those horror comics. What person, child or adult, is going to fear the devil if they have already gone