Over the Editor's Shoulder (continued)

until I had the occasion occur ... At the end of that session, one of the group definitely was not in present time. I began reality processing and she promptly left for some place, God knows where, but the body was in the deepest unconsciousness, falling temperature and very slow heart. Fortunately the latest Scientology issue containing the article on emotion processing, emphasizing unconsciousness, had arrived that day and been studied carefully. I set my guidons and went to work. This happened at about 11 at night and it was 3 in the morning before I got her back. Fortunately, the thetan did not refuse communication ... When I got her back, she said she could hear me and knew she was doing as I told her but that her own determinism was completely paralyzed. I worked her again the next night for three hours mocking up present time alertness and unconsciousness and pulling in the anchor points until all that remained was a mild dopiness when working unconsciousness. She returned to present time quickly at the end of the session and felt wonderful... It was validation for the technique, validation and a great leap in her case for her, and for me a wonderful validation to be able to handle a situation of that magnitude in a thoroughly competent manner... It advanced my case as well as hers." -Gladys Hale, Pierre, S.Dak.

"I've liked your sensauma since the days of J-HAS, Phoenix. Incidentally, the Journal made a quick round trip via Phila. & Camden. Next stop?.... No need for me to advise you that you will not make from this publishing venture enough $$$ to endow a foundation, or even so much as an "American Hart Association"... And would you mind stapling them in only one place, the North-West Corner diagonally? I had to remove the bottom staple from mine so the pages would turn over neatly.. (Free staple remover with each 10-year subscription. Ed.)

.... I guess that will be enough, only Don't Get Too Seriously. Clem was good until he took it to heart." -- F.C.Henderson, New York.

"Am now sending Clem his subscription for the Ghost, so that I will have complete coverage on the forthcoming battle of great wit." -- Ethel Adler, Beverly Hills, Cal.

"Inclosed you will find a check .... for that scandle sheet you put out. I am having a ball with Unit V." -- Nibs. (L. Ron Hubbard.,Jr.,) Phoenix, Ariz.

"Apparently, my name is not on your black list, for I received no copy of your puerile, Pyrronic, pugnacious, Punic, and perfidious publication... Quit being so *!#$-damn painfully brilliant." -- Will Roth, Houston, Texas.

"When we last talked I thought you were in the negative swing but had no idea you were going to make an issue out of it. I do not think that the Hubbard organization is in order, however, Hubbard has done so much for me that no one had been able to do before. Therefore, I must praise the bridge that has done so much for me and will go along with his ideas hoping for the best." -- Dr. P. D. NaPier, Lockhart, Fla.

"Thanks for the taste. If you've another subscriber on the Island (or nearby mainland) introduce us; because I feel odd, being the only known (to me) crackpot in the County." -- John Carey, Atlantic City, N.J. (Sounds like an open welcome to other "crackpots" in this area.)

"I brought my identification with Dianetics and Scientology to an abrupt halt in the early part of 1953 because I was disgusted with a large number of the people all trying to make money off one another, and attitudes that I, for some aberrated reason, didn't want to continue to associ- (TURN PAGE)