Sen. McCarthy -- not the same wooden-headed dummy Edgar Bergen operates -- was in high dudgeon recently when he learned the Army had used one of his own tricks: monitored a telephone conversation with him. McCarthy (not the same, etc.) called it "indecent and dishonest".

Denmark's getting tired of Americans coming there for sex operations -- men who want to become females, and vice versa -- and plans a law to make it illegal.

Prison officials at Canon City, Colo., sentenced a prisoner to a bread-and-water diet as punishment for escaping. However, during his five days' absence, he'd starved himself to the point they have to fatten him before they can carry out the sentence.

More and more pitted windshields are turning up all over the U. S., and an Ohio scientist has found them to be radioactive. H-bomb blasters still insist the recent pacific tests can't be responsible, and it has been suggested that flea eggs, laid in the sand from which the windshield glass was made, may be hatching on a mass basis.

Development of a silicon battery that creates electricity from sunlight -- enough, possibly, to operate a modern home -- has been announced by Bell Laboratories. Quantity production may make them cheap enough to operate an ordinary flashlight. Only rival: the atomic battery, which can produce only one-millionth of a watt. U.S. subsidization being what it is, and it being such a pleasure to play with atomic fission, this may be the last we'll hear of the sunlight battery. It would be too much like the economical Chlorella, an economical way of feeding the world from the sun and sea.

Wives of 1,000 construction workers in Columbia Falls, Mont., who refuse to cross a picket line, have suggested they take over the jobs their husbands have left idle. To them, food is more important than some small group's row with the firm that pays the bills.

Because Los Angeles protects pigeons, a 65-year-old tenant -- forbidden by law from killing or molesting "city property" -- moved out when a mother pigeon took over a corner of his room for nesting activities. He sent the City a bill for the extra rent.

Grave diggers in Detroit have ended a seven-month strike, permitting the interment of an accumulated 200 bodies.

Prompted by past experience, Enid, Okla., officials made it illegal to carry or use "pistols designed to discharge liquids". This action was taken a few days prior to the invasion of school children for the Tri-State Band Festival.

Chicago is to set up a laboratory for "crazy drivers", and "logical suspects" will lose their licenses UNTIL psychiatrists can report a cure. Which sounds like a good way to take everybody permanently off the road.

An Air Force lieutenant, because he wanted his son born on Texas soil, had a bucket of Texas earth shipped to Reno, Nev., and spread under his wife's delivery room table. This will not show on the birth certificate.