Clears and Pre-Clears

Clears and Pre-Clears

Erratum: When Scientology came to Oklahoma, Paul Ishmael gave up his yearning to be a physicist and move to the California desert, as reported last month ... Add erratum: The Belknap-Hedley organization isn't the "Antidisestablishmentaeianisticalitarianism Unit" as reported last month; it's the "Antidisestablishmentarianisticalitarianism Unit". We regret the error...When Earl Cunard, lately of Detroit, came from his home in Creascent, Okla., to visit us at our trailer, he left his friend in the car. It seems she knew little of Scientology and nothing of "The Devil", and Earl wasn't taking any chances of fouling up his future...

Bill Young of Washington writes from Phoenix that it's getting hot there -- 108 degrees already. Stick around awhile, Bill. That's only a Spring thaw .... Hardin Walsh sent us a sketched heading for the May issue of The ABERREE and it so closely approximated the one we'd already used that the Mesdames Hart and Walsh are getting suspicious as to which thetan isn't staying put. Of course, Hardin's (sketch) had no horns, and it was more professional...We got a long, 7-page letter from Bob Arentz in Salt Lake, which wound up with "Not for publication in The Aberree". We guess he meant the whole letter but he might have meant just those six words .... Bob Williams, writing in The COMMUNICATOR, finds we, as civilized creatures, are depriving the body of much needed "caressing, friendly nuzzling, and hugging and kissing", and has formulated a technique of "rubbing, squeezing, pressing" various members of the body for long periods. He titles his article "I Make Love to Their Feet". But don't start getting any panting ideas -- that he's against...

His teaching job, we hear, has given up Jack Horner, and he's in Phoenix, Ariz., again, on a more or less permanent basis ..... The "Perpetual Student", who took the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Clinical Courses with the avowed intention of making "theta clear" even of it takes his lifetime, is reported to have had some processing from "The Maestro" himself. Result: for a few moments, he thought of trading his student status for a job, but recovered, and was back in class next day ... Volney Mathison reports a 500 percent laboratory expansion to take care of a $87,000 order for E-meters by a Texas institute, which plans an intensive nation-wide campaign to train doctors in use of the instrument. It may get to the point where you can go to a doctor and get helped yet ... Clem Johnson, according to late advices, is studying road maps for the return trip east from Phoenix -- at least as far as Mobile, Ala., through New Orleans. "Duch" has finished her training course with Ross Lamoreaux, and is probably aching to try her sword against some of those more able engrams that never find their way into the Arizona desert...Ival Mainard, of Elgin, Ill., driving a new car for delivery to a dealer in Phonyx, stopped in Enid on his way to the 6th Clinical Course. He reports formation of a Church of Scientology is nearing the completion stage in Illinois .... "This will keep the thetan in", Elizabeth Williams pens in a note enclosed with a real Scotch red-and-black beret mailed us from London, England. Thank you, Elizabeth, but if it ever gets out, we'd planned on wrapping it in paper -- not wool.


Civilization started 70 centuries ago. Whatever became of it? -- Hobbs (N.M.) News-Sun.