Jingles of Hubbard Link Past, Present Processes

Jingles of Hubbard Link Past, Present Processes

How far Scientology and Dianetics parallel each other, and whether all the techniques of one have been made obsolete by the other, are questions that have aroused much controversy in the Dianetics-Scientology fields. This schism, in some instances, has resulted in a complete break between those who look upon Dianetics as decadent, and those who have obtained results with the old techniques and consider Scientology a weird upstart.

Persons who have read L. Ron Hubbard writings and have listened to his lectures recall that -- no matter what magical properties he may ascribe to a new technique--he always has advised that the auditor is concerned with the case, and not the process. Auditors still report that they are getting results with Book One methods; others who have been in the field since the beginning--back in 1950--admit they use both old and new techniques, depending on what they think the pre-clear needs. The difference, they say, is that the new techniques work faster, but there are times when the old techniques must be used before the pre-clear can accept the new. These auditors seem to be the ones reporting the best and most consistent results.

Below is printed a copy of "The Dianetic Jingles" written by Mr. Hubbard when he first moved to Phoenix in March, 1952. These are particularly interesting because of their broad scope, covering, in brief form, almost every technique from those in DIANETICS, The Modern Science of Mental Health", to the Beingness Process of 1954. To those who like to work with riddles, it might be much more profitable to look for next year's Scientology in these Jingles than to waste time looking for the hidden meanings and significances in the "Jangles of Nostradamus". (Not that we're pointing out a similarity.)

In a Precede to the "Jingles", Mr. Hubbard wrote: "If you can decipher these, you'll know everything there is to know."


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