"The Ghost" Goes "Saintly"! (continued) | A Dichotomy of Valor

"The Ghost" Goes "Saintly"!

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(4) -- Denied. We think, according to the SOP 8 assessment, we're a Step 3, but we'll admit more of a kinship toward the "Black 5's" than some of the Step 1's we've known.

(5) -- Name one.

(6) -- Name one.

(7) -- All who believe this MAY find an auditor willing to work on a psychotic.

(8) -- Enid is "dine" spelled backwards ('tis said) because pioneers and cowboys found the mineral springs an excellent place to camp and eat.

(9) -- Population, 36,017, which is 120 times larger than Boca Grand, Fla., population 300.

(10) -- See drawing of this "dark, dingy alley" on Page 6.

(11) -- That's quite a label, Pal. Did you think that up all by yourself?

(12) -- We'd even write for or edit The GHOST, "at a price".

(13) -- They didn't get them all, apparently -- or were their raids confined only to the city limits?

And now, to more important and serious business -- with a warning to those who believe The GHOST's statement The ABERREE is $1.67 for three years. It's $1.68 A year, so if you're disappointed, just send a bill to The GHOST for the difference.

A Dichotomy of Valor

by Trah Nika

Those pioneers of '49,
(That's 1800, understand),
Just thought it hard to cross a space
That now is called "Vacation Land".
There may have been a massacre
Along the unmarked trails they trod,
But if they kept their powder dry,
The rest was in the hands of God.

Now let us skip a hundred years --
When Hubbard's Book One knocked 'em dead.
Outside of paying tax on tax,
"There I s nothing wrong with us," we said.
In childish innocence we laid
Our heads upon a bed or cot
And let the File Clerk give us all
The spicy data we'd forgot.

(Oh, Mother, aren't you ashamed
Of all you did to little me?
Does Papa know that Doctor Moe
Was getting more than just his fee?)
We writhed with fever, howled with pain,
And while we wept at our affliction,
The auditor sat back and snored

Or lost himself in science-fiction.

The "science" grew, and we who stayed
Learned of our wild, sadistic wake;
We found that those we'd killed and maimed
Gave us our present bellyache.
We'd raided planets, trapped its men,
And used their bodies for research.
(You'd hardly think that, would you, of
A former pillar in the church?)

So, if you're prone to shed a tear
For those who raped the virgin
Remember, they died long before
We roused the engram from its nest.
They didn't have to probe the sun,
or find the moon had nothing on it.
They didn't even have to be
Three feet behind their coonskin bonnet.


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