News from Phonyx

News from Phonyx

By Carroll Hennick


Tam Owen of London and Bonnie Turner have announced their engagement. Wedding to be some time this summer. She is now blond and quite feminine.

John Sanborne and Madeline Regan also are to marry this summer. She came to Phoenix from Boston and has been attending the group meetings.


Both Dick and Ronna Steves and Bob and Tido Churchill are living in house-type apartments on the corner of Third Street and Moreland.

Burke and Millen Belknap have bought a new house -- spacious place near Thomas and Third Street -- and have moved into it.

Henrietta and Nibs (Ron Jr.) also have changed their home nest in the last few weeks.

(Unsolicited comment -- Scientologists usually either are marrying, unmarrying, or moving. Added evidence: this reporter is buying a house and moving into it next month.)


Bud Eubank and Carl Harr left Phoenix and returned to the hinterlands.

Bill Young (Washington, D. C., pro. auditor) is in town for a few weeks, getting some processing by Ken Barrett and Ralph Swanson, and picking up some recent data.

Bob Churchill went to Utah for a few days to attend the funeral of his mother.


The local group has had an election and change of officers. President: Bill Edwards; Program director: ME. Last week's meeting was in the Library Sky Room and featured a talk by Millen Belknap on the evolution of Scientology, philosophies, and religions of the last 5,000 years. This type of program planned every other week, with group processing on alternate weeks.

Most local pro. auditors have formed a group known as the Phoenix Auditor's Guild. Steves and Fred Frank supply most of the leadership, with Jim Struckmeyer and Ralph Swanson contributing. Big project at present is scheduling bi-weekly lectures by local civic leaders on topics they are interested in which Scientology covers. This is followed by a forum in which Scientologists and the guest lecturer participate. First of this series was by Judge Lorna Lockwood on juvenile delinquency.

Ralph Swanson and Ken Barrett are running a free clinic for children under the HAS.


Ron planned a series of 15-minute taped talks over a local radio station, but after the manager of the one station that agreed to use them heard the first tape, he became highly unfavorable to the whole idea. (The talk reminded people that they might perhaps have some present time problems, and mentioned that there was something that could be done about it.) Present plans are to give a series of spot announcements over another station.