Over the Editor's Shoulder


"It's good to see a high-tone communication making its appearance in the field...I enjoyed your editorial on the 'Clear'. There are many parameters by which one can measure a relative state of 'clear'. I believe that the most indicative is the percent of potential present time operation of the thetan. This, tone level, vitality of the thetan in terms of the 'spiral' are quantities that are measurably increased by processing." -- C.B. Done, Durango, Colo.

"Even if I had $1500, I wouldn't have to send it to you for your list of reasons. (Why we left Phoenix. Ed.) I can mock them up from here ... I am working on a processing book for children. These are short sessions of mock-ups which parents can read to children.

"Perhaps you would like to reprint my definitions of clear, from my book. 'Clear (verb). To sweep away problems and confusion and leave the mind tranquil and able. Clear (noun). An individual whose. confusions have been swept away to such a degree that the remaining ones are no longer discernible to his contemporaries or to himself." -- Richard deMille, Ph.D., Los Angeles, Calif.

"Thanks for your paper. Yes, it is high time we adopted a more bleak and austere outlook on Scientology. Let us take things literally and seriously and let us look forward to the day when this gradient scale leads on to the downright sinister. Who ever heard a serious student laugh at the HAS? And who ever saw a graduate about to face a simplified world look other than as if he were under sentence of death? Having blown vast sums in dollars, yen, taels -- or, for that matter, pounds sterling -- to acquire this solemn knowledge, why invalidate it? Time will hang heavily with me until the first Church of American Science is built here and I can decently confess before some High Unctorial Blabdab of Scientology that for an erring moment I allowed my frosty mask to slip and that I found your paper funny." -- Reg Gould, London, England.

"We've had fun with your news letter and found the detailed write-up on the church useful in giving people the data on that move. So far we feel not at all religious -- or at least no more religious than scientific or philosophical, so we are as before..... Don't know whether we'll subscribe to your sheet or not -- I won't! Already I could have written another book in the time it takes me to throw away the sucker list ads and papers I don't want to read...." -- Martha Courtis, Ann Arbor, Mich.

"We all got quite a charge from the 'Aberree'. I keep it on my desk and show it to everyone.... Hardin says, 'The Aberree's brilliance is only shaded by the green shading of its antidotes!' My tone goes up to 400 on the new meter after reading the 'Aberree'." -- Joanna Walsh, Los Angeles.

"Thanks for the advice on the tapes .... That 56 bucks was the best money I ever spent ... Incidentally, I shall be forever skeptical of Ron's jokes from now on. You remember that in one of the sessions he begins with 'Now if the auditors throughout the audience will ready their butterfly nets, we will begin'? I thought that was a joke,