Volume 11, Issue 2, page 16

as it should, we would not get
fat, but if we had a system
that was abnormally enlarged,
we'd use our carbohydrates in
the wrong ways, and end up with
fat instead of energy. In this
case, we'd have no pep, but get
more inflated...
"What was Rosalind John
laughing so hard about in her
letter?... You forgot to say
that it was your Jassack cigaret ad that sent me to the
Great Beyond and back. Are you
just modest, (ED. NOTE -- Yes!)
or did you really just forget
a line or two of my letter?
(ED. NOTE -- No!)
"Lowana is still doing great
with the prophetic dreams. I
sometimes wonder how she does
it so well. However, not meaning to criticize -- just make a
suggestion -- I think once in
awhile the dreams are actual
astral experiences and do not
relate to prophecy or happenings here on earth. We do lead
two lives -- one while out of the
body during sleep. The dream I
feel may be a psychic experience on the astral plane is the
first one in her column in the
April issue. It's about the
woman whose mother found a beautiful horse at her doorstep,
with jeweled gold and silver
bridle trappings. She mounted
the horse and rode around the
house three times etc. Lowana
thought this meant the mother's
death would occur in three
months. I wish the writer of
this letter would let us know
if Lowana's prediction proves
true... What makes me think it
is a real happening on a higher
plane is that spirits do have
the most marvelous trappings
for their horses -- and especially precious stones. The women ordinarily do have very
long hair in the spirit body,
and this is regardless of how
long or short the physical
hair is. If you cut your physical hair, it affects the psychic hair not one iota. If you
cut off a physical 1 e g, the
psychic leg is still there.
You can not harm the psychic
body by cutting off part of
the physical. That the woman
rode the horse around the house
three times might not have had
any more significance than if
I rode a horse around my house
(on earth) three times, or 10
times. But we are inclined to
think every dream means something in the future. Many do,
but they will not be like the
real experiences -- these dreams
will seem disconnected and out
of proportion -- not make sense.
The psychic experiences will
seem real, be in full color
and very lovely. Or if on the
lower planes, they will be gray
and colorless and depressing.
"I enjoyed Lowana's story
about the haunted house. And
the description of Jesus in
the letter column fits exactly
with what my daughter told me
when she saw him one night -- and
also a Chanute, Kas., girl gave
the same description when Jesus healed her on her death
bed. One exception: he wore no
beard, they said." -- Rosalind
John, 1533 4th, Norco, Calif.
(ED. NOTE -- What kind of a
spirit world is so pro-feminine
that women have long beautiful
hair no matter how much they
cut it and mess it up on earth,
no one loses any part of the
body, even when they slice off
its physical counterpart -- YET
all men must be clean-shaven
"over there" -- NO BEARDS. Maybe
there's a "Men's Heaven" somewhere you don't know about and
its women are bald and the men
have long flowing whiskers.)
"i AGREE with Mr. Katzen that
there is np proof of postmortem survival. As he wisely
pointed out, the human mind can
split and impersonate scores
of individuals ( in dreams,
visions, and other hallucinations). Spiritualists point to
'evidential' messages in which
a 'secret' from beyond the
grave is revealed to the sitter. However, if such evidence
is to be validated, one needs
absolute proof that live carnal
beings are incapable of telepathy, clairvoyance, or retrocognition. Actually, carnal
beings are superior to ghosts
who allegedly lack a body and
have no physical senses. Many
seers admit they utilize no
spirit ghost-writers. Why would
spirits ghost-write for carnal
seers without receiving personal recognition? On the other
hand, no one can disprove
survival just as no one can
disprove the existence of extra-terrestrial life.
"I used to read the Spiritualist CHIMES Magazine and PSYCHIC OBSERVER. I remember the
regular column of am medium
named Morris Katzen who published spirit messages from
St. George, dealing with the
theme: 'The Seed is Christ'.
Could it be that the famous
medium Morris Katzen is identical with your Mr. Morris
Katzen who denies survival? I
bet many other readers will
remember the famous Spiritualist columnist. What happened?
Did Mr. Katzen impersonate St.
George? Or did St. George impersonate Mr. Katzen?" -- George
W. Lagos, 111 West Myrtle, San
Antonio, Texas.
"WOULD say that 'The Path of
the Masters' by Dr. Julian
Johnson, M.A., B.D., M.D., is
the most important book I have
read, and a book which I continue to read. Also, I am after
the other books mentioned at
the back of this book . Why?
"As the author says in his
foreword, 'This is a scientific
method of entering and realizing the Kingdom of Heaven while
still living here in the human
body. In this book, for the
first time in history, the
complete story of the Master's
scientific path is given to the
world in the English language,
by one who was born among English speaking people. Fbr centuries men have been told that
they themselves are the Temples of God. But they haven't
been told how to enter these
temples and there to meet God.'
"I bet you will just 'lap
up' the chapter on Christianity. The thoughts expressed are
many of my own that I could
not express in words...
"Of added importance, the
Master of this 'School ' is
coming to Vancouver, B.C., and
to the U.S.A. this summer." --
John Booth, Bag Serv.7, Fort
St. John, B, C., Canada.
"YOU CAN laugh this off if
you want, but you also can
pause and maybe consider it,
too. The Tulsa Symphony has
been programming the nut music
for the last two years, ever
since they got the new conductor. I sent copies of The ABERREE about the city of Tulsa
recently, in which this nut
music was attacked. Results
are coming in. For one thing,
the Symphony has scheduled almost exclusively Music-Music
for this season, rather than
nut music. A magazine, no matter how limited the circulation -- whether a thousand or a
million -- can be important in
getting ideas about the populace. You probably pay no attention to any influence The
ABERREE exerts, but as I say,
it gets around." -- Jack Felts,
Tahlequah, Okla, a
(ED. NOTE -- Yes, we know The
ABERREE has influence. For example, look at o u r weather. >
Even tho some forecasters said
this would be a record "bad"
winter, we have enjoyed one of
the mildest and most pleasant
in Oklahoma history. Now if we
could just put the "doublewhammy" on s i nging commercials, political hum buggery, [zl
and crab grass, we'd feel like
taking a bow to the plauditsp4
you've tossed us, in a sort of 04
nebulous fashion. 00_