Volume 11, Issue 2, page 9

THE FIRST time a person smokes tobacco in
cigar, pipe, or cigaret, or takes a chew
of the "nasty weed", the result is a very
ill feeling for some hours afterward. The
body, with its subconscious mind, is thereby
informing the human spirit, with its conscious
mind, that tobacco is not good for either body
or spirit.

The human spirit, with its conscious mind,
is, or should be, the boss and censor over what
the body does and what enters memory thru the
subconscious mind. If the person has made up
his conscious mind to smoke or use tobacco in
any form the subconscious mind in control of
the body's actions obeys the person's desires
and accepts the use of tobacco. The body conforms to the desire of the spirit and accepts
tobacco with no further objection manifest in

Any habit is the result of repetition. One
does not acquire the cigaret habit by smoking
one pack of cigarets but if a carton or more
are smoked the seeds of the cigaret habit have
germinated and the habit is established.

Some thousands of cigarets later or a long
continued use of tobacco in any form has given
the smoker a habit that controls his actions,
his desires, and his emotions. Reading of the
loss of health possible from the cigaret habit
may cause the smoker to decide to stop. What
then occurs?
The subconscious mind seemingly says to the
conscious mind or the body says to the spirit,
"I told you, by making you sick, that tobacco
was not good for us, but you did not heed my
message. You continued to use tobacco so I
conformed to your desire and conditioned the
body to the use of tobacco. you forced the
habit on us, so just try to quit if you can."
The result is a battle between spirit and
body. The spirit says, "Do not smoke", the body
says, "Smoke as usual". Few cigaret smokers
with a long-established habit have the will
power to quit and those who do, succeed in
quitting only after a long and irritating battl e.

A quick decision to quit tobacco is like
coming to a crash stop in a car traveling 60
miles an hour. Such a stop is injurious to the
car, tires, and driver. However, if one notes
the yellow light and begins to use the brake,
a stop can be made at the proper place with no
jar or injury to car or driver.

The easy way to quit tobacco is to choose a
date, a month or six weeks in the future, as
the day when desire for tobacco will make its
final and complete exit. Between the time when
the decision to quit is made and the time determined for freedom from desire for tobacco --
each time one lights a cigaret, cigar, or pipe,
or takes a chew, one should think, This smoke
is one smoke closer to the time when I will
have no desire to smoke. Visualize one's self
as completely free of the habit and think of
the benefits obtained by smoking no more. No
more ashes on clothing or furniture. No more
danger of starting a fire. Better health, more
vitality, greater endurance, and a considerable
saving of money. By setting a date and giving
one's self the suggestion that freedom will be
complete on the date set, one is doing to the
habit what the driver did with his car before
the signal turned red. He slowly braked to an
easy, comfortable stop at the spot he wanted
to stop.

In my case, second-hand cigaret smoke became more noxious to me than if I had never

The writer was smoking two packs a day and
had been for several years. Out of curiosity,
he figured the cost of cigarets over the years
since quitting them totaled a bit more than

It was 42 years ago that I smoked my last
cigaret, and I would not again become a slave
to the habit for $5,000 cash.
am not happy. Shall I try teaching again -- possibly in another tam? I was born at 8:20 P.M.
E.S.T. on Dec. 23,1929. S.M.

DEAR S. M. -- With the surprising mass of
planets in your natal fifth house, governing
children, books, and educational influences,
there is little doubt that teaching should be
your life work. Jupiter, ruler of this strong
fifth house, is placed in your 10th house which
represents your position in life. This placement practically guarantees success but being
retrograde, suggests that you might not live up
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shows delays and obstacles, making it difficult
to accomplish your desires, remember that you
are a Capricornian and as such are endowed
with the ambition and endurance to overcome
all obstacles. So push on with the persistence
that this sign gives you. Jupiter's position
shows that you may have a better chance at a
place south and slightly east of your birthplace. Another location seems to be the answer.