Volume 11, Issue 2, page 10

and the clear blue sky overhead, a tremendous
grief overcame m e and I started crying. My
usband, standing nearby, asked me what the
trouble was. I couldn't tear my attention away
OPia.df fr oze the scene and finally choked out, "I can't
live. I just can't live unless I can see the
lake." My grief was so intense that it awakened me and I found that I truly was crying.
4 -- R.K.E.

INTERPRETATION -- Standing in the bare room
indicates the spiritual bareness of your heart.
,tfi'aotd Looking out of the window indicates a search
ing for the way out of your soul's imseaprisonsonment. The waters in this case indicates the
"waters of life" which you seek. This rock is
By LO WA N A JU LAIN E not the rock of strength, but represents the
wall of religious ignorance against which spir(Send your complete dream to Lowana Julaine, Rt. itual "essence" beats itself. The clear blue
4, Box 82, Tampa, Fla., 33615, if you wish an in- sky indicates the peacefulness of spirituality
terpretation. Send $2.00, plus stamped, self-ad- which cannot be mirrored in a turbulent sea.
dressed envelope. Dreams will be published in this
column as space permits only if permission has been your grief and Cbarri indicates the self and
granted.) down of a mental barrier between yourself and
DREAM -- Variations of this dream occur often. the peace you seek. Your husband represents
someone who is standing by to help you, prob
I am left in charge of a very small baby. I ably an entity or spiritual guide. your deckill it. Sometimes I cut tit up in little pieces laration shows you to be ready to accept this
and blood is all over the place. Sometimes I help as soon as you recognize the source from
hold it over a gas jet. Sometimes I rip it to which it will come. Such grief is not too often
pieces with my bare hands and shove it tin an placed upon the hearts of those who are wide
old-fashioned wood stove that is burning awake, therefore coming thru the subconscious
brightly. Do you think I should see a psychia- during sleep. It is the grief indicated by the
trist? I always have a blinding headache when two words -- "Jesus wept".

I wake up. low, I've started walking in my