Volume 11, Issue 2, page 4

"Jebel tie jf)ib anb jhU T
Is Conversion of Oceans
To Gardens Man's Goal?
kingdom of God is
within you" indicates the potential
within man is practically unlimited. Dr. Karl
Kridler in his book, "The
Book They Blamed on God",
reveals that the Sphynx and
the Great Pyramid were built
some 50,000 years ago and
intimated that writings
considered only a few thousand years old probably date
back into the far-distant
past. Prof. Conybeare, in
his "The Origins of Christianity" finds the books of
the New Testament based upon a script called the NonMarcon Document that very
easily could have been an
old papyrus belonging to
the Essenes. Certainly the
cross symbol and the story
of the crucifixion are far
older than a few thousand

Considering the revelation
of Prof.Conybeare that writers
used old manuscripts as a basis
for their own fictional story
creating abilities, and the
contention of Dr. Kridler that
Christianity is another religious belief system introduced
by Emperor Constantine at the
Nicaean Council in 325 A.D.,
we can question all biblical
writings as deviating more or
less from original teachings.

Today we look for conformity with scientific fact and
piece together parts and bits
of old writings that will sensibly describe a known or possible action. In Genesis 1:22,
we have God saying, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the
waters in the seas and let
fowl multiply in the earth."
Just what this was originally
we do not know, but as fowl
being IN the earth does not
make sense, possibly the word
fowl could have meant life, or
activity. Reconstructing to fit
scientific fact, we have, "Be
fruitful and multiply the life
force in yourselves, redeem
the barren land, make it yield
vegetation, and as the new land
appears due to the taking up
of moisture by the land being
fruitful, redeem it also with
plantings suitable, so that
eventually, "There will be no
more sea, darkness, pain, or

Again we have reference to
changing the land in, "Level
the hills and fill the valleys".
Luke 3:5. "Every valley shall
be filled and every mountain
and hill shall be brought low;
and the crooked shall be made
straight, and the rough shall
be made smooth. "
Astrology was the science
of the ancients and it is unquestioned their knowledge far
exceeded what our leading
lights are aware of today. We
may ask what magnetism or enlivening force is in this redeeming of the land and making
it fruitful. When spring comes
and things begin to grow, we
feel an uplift, an enlivenment, and the urge is to get
out and turn the earth and
plant something. Suppose barren lands far and wide were
made fruitful and the force of
the spring influence intensified,
could not a rejuvenating power
of untold benefit be in action?
Vegetation is constantly
evaporating water out into the
`air and sunlight lends to the
moisture a certain lire content
that purifies and energizes.