Volume 11, Issue 2, page 2

1 THE COVER -- It won't be
long now before the two major
political parties -- with a lot
of noise and hoopla that signifies nothing except boys and
girls never grow up if they
can find excuses for throwing
off their inhibitions -- will be
selecting officially the prearranged stooges who will lead
their respective campaigns to
prove the opposition unworthy
of even the paper their mugs
are printed on. This far in
advance, before passions turn
voters into unthinking rubber
stamps, we feel it's safe to
depict the stooges -- no matter
who they may be -- as we have on
the cover: the Tragedy and
Comedy masks of the drama. We
hope to see the day when voters
rebel against "canned" candidates -- as they did in the New
Hampshire primary this spring.
1 We made two trips to the
New Age Center in Oklahoma
City this past month -- once, we
might explain facetiously, was
to fill our bellies and once
to fill our minds. Except we
always pick up a bit of spiritual and intellectual food at
the Rhoades (Charlie and Velva
au) douse, even tho we may
stop en route at a roadhouse
for a meatless sandwich and
coffee...First time we made the
100 - mile excursion was on a
Saturday, to a "covered dish
supper", which was such a treat
that a show of hands voted to
continue the affair more or
less regularly. Seven or eight
card tables were filled with
chatting New Agers and their
heaped plates, after which some
of the attendees made an evening of it with a few remarks
from the podium. For example:
Di. Andrew Duida announced this
would be his last meeting for
some time, since he was leaving for Mexico, India, and
Palestine where he hopes to
pursue his search for knowingness and meet with some swamis
in India. hie Invisible Physician" spoke briefly of the
difficulties in trying to help
persons "dead and undead", and
}fie Ed lauded the "New System"
Of Scientology grading which
seeks to make obsolete both
the egg and the chicken as it
tries to prove that there are
no "absolutes" -- especially in
Scientology... A couple weeks
later, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Purdy,
Roy Eugene Davis and Hamilton Bewley discuss the work of
the Oklahoae City Roy Eugene
Davis Study Group. Bewley is
group moderator.
of Enid, went with us when we
hurried down one evening to
see and hear Bay J gene Davis,
in his lecture on "The Science
of Sel f-Liberation ". Mr. Davis
held classes and the Kriya initiation later in the week, but
there are limits to how far we
can goin"playing hookey" from
work and still get an ABERREE
printed and in the mails.._
1 The other evening we drove
to Edmond to visit with some
friends Ye Ed hadn 't seen fpr
14 years or more, and it was a
revealing experience. Except
for a few pounds here and
there, some grown children not
even projected a decade and a
half ago, and the complete
change in occupational status
of all wage earners present,
the years rolled away like
magic, and it was hard to believe so many calendars had
been burned in the meantime.
However, since our acquaintance was pre-dianetic and preABERREE -- and these are vices
our friends have been able to
avoid -- we found ourselves constantly groping for words with
which to express ourselves so
that we'd be understood. We'd
compare it to a law student
trying to make himself sound
intelligent if he accidentally
stumbled into a pharmacology
1 amt. an d M. . Lila G.
Graham, subscribers from the
Minot, N. D., Air Force Base,
were among guests at a New Age
Center meeting, and reported
to us how much they were enjoying The ABERREE. We predict
that anyone with that much appreciation of the better things
of life won't be wearing railroad ties on their epaulets
long...Kenneth Pamplin and paul
Wood rie -- a-fu were elected
president and vice president
respectively of Oklahoma City
Understanding Unit No. 44, and
have offered to come to Enid
to reorganize the languishing
local unit, or help organize
a new New Age unit under any
label Enid "free thinkers"
might accept. In view of several failures along this line
in the past, we wonder if Enid
has ANY FREE thinkers -- or if
there is such an animal anywhere, as far as that goes. Too
often persons call themselves
"free" thinkers when what they
really mean is rebel thinkers
-- and a person chained to antidogmatism is just as much in
bondage as the slave of dogma.
1 Regretfully, we must report the passing of Earl Dowse
of Ponca City, our Ti-T.-end and
subscriber for so many years.
Somehow, when a magazine is
returned by the Post Office,
marked "Deceased", we are disposed to try again, assuming
it's another postal error, but
we admit that to do so would be
to give way to wishful thinking, so don't. We'll miss the
"barometer" Earl provided each
time he approved one of our
Auditorials, and sent us a
card with from three to five
gold stars pasted thereon and
the notation, "Good old Page
Three." Something like that is
an incentive to wish to earn
such appreciation. Earl was an
avid searcher for the truth,
and we can almost guarantee
he'll be still seeking no matter what he has found since
passing over...
1 The initial issue of a
new health quarterly, JOURNAL
OF HEALTH, has been received,
read, and mainly approved. Most
of the articles are by chiropractors who seem able to handle words as well as manipulate
spines. An article by its editor, Christopher Gian-Cursio, 1
D. C., seems to set -- the pace W
for the JOURNAL's material, in p4
which the editor blames what we a
eat, drink, and smoke for delinquent youth. "The numerous W
psychological, medical, and 03
police onslaughts are aimed at CC
the delinquent youth as tho he
were a foreign invader," Mr. m
Gian-Cursio says. So... maybe .q
when we sneak an extra slab of
pastry, swill down a highball
or no, and suck the stench of
burning weeds into our lungs,
we not only are losing the