Volume 11, Issue 2, page 8

AS MAY enters the picture, it may well
appear as a period of marking time
with promise of more and better
jobs -- better economic conditions
for the country as a result of tax cuts.
Business may expect a much brighter future, especially since the multiple trines
from the money house positures in the 7th
and 11th houses begin to work -- but Jupiter (money -- prosperity) is heading fast
towards an opposition to a malefic Neptune's sixth house location in the Spring
Equinox chart.

Perhaps it should be first pointed out that
the Spring Equinox chart of March 20, because
of its common rising sign, will be effective
for the following six months.

At the beginning of May all seems to be going well, but the wiser ones may see it as the
waiting time before the big show, for six
planets, including the Sun, either change direction or change signs. New ideas will come to
the fore, turmoil and trouble can be expected
after the first week, turning points for outmoded practices and customs may begin to show
up and the necessity for new ways of life,
whether we like it or not, may begin to become

Money seems tighter, harder to get, interest
rates may be expected to rise except for possible government intervention. This is highly
possible. However, because our law-makers will
have their hands full with many things, since
the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 11th house
of Virgo (New Moon chart) is opposed by a
tightly restricting Saturn from the 5th house,
pointing to extraordinary difficulties, sudden
and explosive developments, disruptive affairs
-- to say nothing of fiery argument issues. The
much-publicized Civil Rights bill, since Virgo
represents the masses, is apt to cause a great
deal of trouble before all the chips are down,
with neither race satisfied.

The lunation of the month, falling in the
8th house and opposed by Neptune from the 2nd
or money house, is extremely important, more so
since the 8th house has special reference to
death. The Sun, ruling Leo on the 11th house
cusp, referring to the Administration and the
President (the 11th house pertains to the legislature) is conjunct an unstable and vacillating Moon governing the 10th house, representing the Administration. This lunation being
in opposition to a chaotic Neptune from the
violent signs of Scorpio in the 2nd house has
many meanings. It bespeaks of death in high
places. It indicates chaotic financial conditions in the government. Deception, intrigue,
and subversive activities in the services,
particularly those having to do with the naval
portions (Scorpio). Some kind of deal probably
will be uncovered and hushed, wherein vast sums
have in some way been milked from the government and diverted into private pockets.

Saturn in the 5th house afflicted from Virgo
(the masses) by the Pluto-Uranus conjunction
in the 11th, points to a great increase in
crime and vice generally. This will include
mob violence involving schools, theaters,
places of amusement, and children or students.
The 5th house Saturn points to illnesses and
death among prominent ones in the theatrical
and motion picture world.

An afflicted Neptune in 2nd house is a very
strong indication of fraud, dishonesty, and
subtle underhanded activities affecting the
monies of both the people and the government.
The stock market, after the highs of march and
fluctuation of April, may take a sudden drop
about mid-May.

Mercury, governing ambassadors, communications, the press, trade, etc., is in close conjunction to Mars, God of War, in the 7th house
of neighboring nations, foreignnations. Apparently trade will suffer and the press will have
a heyday with scare lines, altho we ourselves
should not be directly involved -- not yet anyway.

Mars is ruler of the money house and England is ruled by Aries who in turn rules the
cusp of the 7th house (foreign nations). It
would appear as tho we might have some difficulty with England over money and shipping
(Scorpio). Mars otherwise is a quite powerful
influence and shows much danger of international
dispute and generally unsatisfactory foreign
relations. Quite probably we shall be involved
As for Castro, the lunation of May falls in
direct opposition to his natal Sun, and since
the aspects are adverse, it bodes ill for him
in the next fewsweeks. The lunation is also
lacking only 4 degrees of a perfect conjunction with the ascending degree of Cuba itself.
Since the aspects are bad and from the foreign
country sector of the chart, he may well find
his country in difficulty from other sources
than the U.S.

Late May or early June should find Venezuela
in plenty of trouble which will be laid to
Castro's door, and this time there may be a