Volume 11, Issue 1, page 12

I N THE formative state of the embryo in the
mother's womb, the brain is created first
by condensation of astral light. The same
process creates the baby's body and nerves.
The infant is not created by the mother's blood
as science teaches, as creation never makes
new bodies of used material.

Now for another secret: Astral rays pierce
the earth's aura as the silver cord mentioned
in the Bible (Eccl. 12:6), converge at the fonticulus frontalis in the skull, called "door
in heaven" in the Bible (Rev. 4:1), and condense, as vapor condenses to produce water and
ice, forming the spinal cord and nerve system,
thru which astral light flows as an electric
current -- that mysterious nerve force of medical art, which produces the unknowable reality
of science, consisting of the psychosomatic
qualities of vitality, consciousness, mind,
and intelligence. Look for that one in the
great medical tomes.

Now for the dumb medical skeptics who sneer
these assertions: In 1953, two doctors demonstrated by test that growing beets changed
astral light into cellulose in 10 seconds.

During World War II, two doctors, working
on radar equipment, made a killing discovery
that leaked out after the war ended. In 10
seconds a man standing in the invisible rays
of a radar transmitter, felt heat sensation in
his body, the strength of which, in less than
a minute, made him move out of range. In 15
days he died. The surface of his body showed
no marks; but an examination showed "his insides were cooked", said the doctors. "A hole
as big as a silver dollar was burnt in his
small bowel."
This is considered a great discovery, but
the secret is symbolized in the Bible, and,
according to ancient scrolls, the Atlantean
warriors, 10, 000 years ago, used this death ray
to destroy their enemies.

Living bodies can move. Electricity produces movement in trucks. But living bodies
exhibit psychosomatic states called consciousness, mind, and intelligence not possessed by
trucks. The difference is in the mechanism,
not in the animating power.

A live wire is charged with electricity.
When the charge is absent, the wire is "dead",
but there is no noticeable change in the wire.
Take the Living Fire out of man's body, and
it's as dead as a log, but there is no other
noticeable change in the body.

Hold this analogy between living bodies and
live wires, as it leads to the Hidden Creator.
Just follow us and see how simply we find the
Creator in the human temple, as stated in the
Bible (1 Cor. 3:16), and for whom science has
searched f o r ages, in vain, and Christians
hope to meet Him in the sky some day.

A pin cannot be pressed against the body
anywhere w i t h o u t touching a nerve. These
"wires" are charged in life with what science
calls nerve force, but scientists know no more
than a child does as to the nature of nerve

Doctors are taught that life is a series of
chemical changes in the body. This they must
believe, "or else". If they question the teachings of their schools, their license as a
physician is revoked for "unethical conduct".

Standardization controls civilization and
must be preserved. Doctors and pastors must
stay in line or get out. All progress that fits
not in the framework of that standardization
is rejected.

Man would be amazed could he see at once
his whole nervous system. It would present the
same shape and size as his body. The nerves
are interlaced and interbiended so perfectly
and completely with the flesh and bone that, in
our sight, the Hidden Creator and the body
would appear as one.

The mysterious nerve system is the temple
of the Creator as stated in the Bible -- not
just once, but many times. For the Creator is
omnipresent, and appears in every created form,
attaining His highest level of manifestation
in man. Creative facts are stranger than man's

As we gaze in a mirror, we see only the
fleshy frame. Such an illusion. We are actually looking at the form of fire called God,
the form made in His image and likeness just
as the Bible says. Conversely, the Creator appears upon the earth in human form.
"In all the world there is only one story,"
wrote Barrett, "and that is the story of man.
He rises from and melts back again into the
background principle of his own universal
self."' (Continued in the next issue)
the enemy but crippled him, meaning you won
that round. Your friend has not completely
severed connections with the enemy, merely
turned away for a time.

DREAM -- A young man and I boarded a bus to
visit my baby sister who couldn't seem to learn
in school. Returning alone, I got off the bus
during a very dark night, and looked heavenward. Seven gold stars began moving from midheaven toward the west. Forming three lines,
they left three trails of white flaming light
behind them. A voice spoke saying, "You will
build a temple and inside the temple will be
new forms of learning and great healing. Dr.
-- - will help build this temple." I woke up
weeping because the dream was so beautiful. --
M. M.

INTERPRETATION -- Your baby sister is the
symbol used to portray the "little ones" of
all ages who seek spiritual knowledge. The
young man symbolizes one who will travel a
short distance with you, in the beginning, as
you seek to locate a definite point from which
to start this endeavor. Coming back alone signifies the time you will travel alone to make
your own decisions. This you must do for yourself, regardless of advice or opinion. This is
signified by your standing in the dark, looking upward to the heavens. From the heavens of
your inner self will come the answers. These
answers will be given to you by the seven spiritual angels. The seven stars are the angels
of the seven churches. Traveling westward,
these stars represent spiritual churches, not
religious churches. The three trails of light
signifies that the three "Holy Spirits" are
behind the seven angels who will guide you.
I can't make your message any plainer. It means
just what it says: A temple with new forms of
learning and great healing. This could be a
"fleshly" or a "spiritual" temple, not necessarily one of raw materials. It was not revealed how the friend would help you.