Volume 11, Issue 1, page 8

ligion. They begin as beautiful truth, evolve
into a hideous trap, as they become better,
more solidly organized, more "practical", so
everyone can understand it, compromise, and
agree with mundane reality -- thus become $u¢te$$ful.

Invariably, each has taken a portion of
truth, and called it the whole truth. "We,
alone, have the answer!" Nuts! But, each has
contributed. That is, if you regard the original basis, not these fruits which have rotted
with age.

The mystic approach is certainly a part of
it. A quiet mind is a requisite. If automatic,
compulsive, or inhibitive thoughts or mental
pictures continually impose themselves, true
meditation is impossible. It is entirely possible to set up a mental mechanism which thru
"will" does counteract these impositions. I t
is also entirely possible to set up a "meditation machine" which is an artifice which is of
the same nature as any other stimulus-response
type of mechanism which keys out present personality, and worldly appurtenances. This departure from reality is what makes the mystic
seem so "mystical". Whereof I speak inheres
none of these liabilities. When you are you,
as Spirit, you are closer to, not compartmented from, present time, or, by choice, any other reality.

All of this is not dilettantic; just merely
inclusive. Conversely, tho I say that the
problem has manifold facets, each is simple.
For example: Yoga contains many positions and
exercises in breathing -- most unnatural -- which
variantly produce some benefit and phenomena.
Posture in Dramanatomy is simple and natural ;
breathing is simple and efficient. Extant Scientology is complex, mechanical. My Vacuum
Cleaning Procedure is as simple as Spiritual

It seems that simple answers are just something that we KNOW to be true. Just now, I got
real curious about how Monica came up with her
calcium deposit theory. So, I long-distanced
her, asked her what her "authority" was. She
said that she had none -- just KNEW it was right.
Dr. Selye (again, READER'S DIGEST, December,
1963, pg. 69) spent 25 years scientifically
evolving the same truth. I feel that everything
she uses in Dramanatomy is of the same nature.

I did not mention to her that SCIENCE DIGEST
October, 1963, contains an article, "How to
Grow Old Without Aging". Twenty-one hundred men
in a small area in Soviet Georgia (not our
you-all Georgia) have lived to be 100 years or
more. Some live to be more than 150 years of
age. A team of Russian doctors investigated.
Their main finding, "Not to die before your
normal 100, you should breathe deeply and
rhythmically. You thus increase a quantity of
inhaled oxygen per unit of time.... However,
you have to learn this proper breathing -- deep
and rhythmic... you keep it up all your life,
well into your old age -- which should then become a very ripe yet pleasant age indeed".
That is all she has been talking about -- using
the lungs as an efficient machine to speed
circulation and abetted by our placing attention in affected areas, bringing them back by
flooding out the calcium.

Of course, there is a lot more to Dramanatomy than what I have sketched here. But, I
feel that it is something we have all done
before. It just seemed too familiar. I feel
that it is the original pattern the Spirit
created for handling bodies.

myself similarly. Almost three years ago, I
had just finished auditing (working with, in
Scientology) the gal who was my wife in my immediate past life. She had gone into Scientology with the chiefest goal of eliminating an
energy mass which was to the left of her head,
above her shoulder. It was, then, still there.

I decided to know what the answer was. I
asked her if she could see this mass. She had
spiritual perception ability, and could. I
asked her to create a copy of it, "mockup", as
L. Ron Hubbard calls it. She did, three dimensionally. I then asked her to unmock it (cause
it to vanish). She did. I then asked her to
find the space that it occupied. She did. I
then asked her to push this space into the mass
to the left of her head...pull it out. She did.
It contained what looked like a tarry mass. I
asked her to take this mass out of the space,
cause it to go up in the sky, and make it burn.
She did. We repeated this many times, and she
usually got something different each time;
dark and heavy, gradually lightening, then
liquids, finally gasses. When this was completed, the energy mass was gone.

Since that time, I have been using the developments of this process in practically all
of my auditing. There are many variants, applicable to the ability of the preclear (the
person doing. the procedure), and the resistance
of the energy masses to destruction.

More persons than one would imagine are
able to see these masses. One of these days,
some scientist is going to excitedly yell,
"Hey! Lookit!" and write up some learned tome
on what their instruments show. It is the
presence of these energy masses which make up
the difference between you being you, a something like an ordinary homo sapien, and you as
yourself, owning all of your native abilities.
Simple. But it is as it is with the moon -- easy
to see, but hard to get there. But, I believe
we are on the way.

It hasn't been my purpose to give you a
technical report on either Dramanatomy or vacuum Cleaning Procedure. Such will be contained
in the next issues of SECOND TERMINAL. Write
me if you wish a copy, at 31805 Bond St.,
Farmington. Mich. (The End)
walnut and a small dollop of unsulphurated
molasses. Delish! Try it and see.

Dinner or supper can be chicken or fish,
baked or fried in salad oil, or soy beans (vegetarians),
one medium baked potato (or half a
potato) with a dash of butter or salad oil, a
green salad of romaine lettuce (any preen let- -
tuce), with shredded cabbage, carrot, turnip,
fresh green beans or peas, or any fresh vegetable
of whatever kind you like. A dressing
made with a mixture of safflower, soy, and olive
oil, a lemon (juiced), garlic or herbs, a little salt is marvelously good and good for you.
We all need several tablespoons of unsaturated
fats per day and this will give you this quota.
Eat all the salad you wish and lots of protein.
Cottage cheese is a good addition to any meal.
But remember this -- do not stuff to capacity ! W
This gets the metabolism (or keeps it) out of a'
whack and makes your enzyme pathway become P4
greedy simply by overuse.

Research dietitians of the University of pq
Wisconsin have been experimenting with the
hopelessly overweight, and one reports: "If
you give an enzyme system too much work to do, N
it gets big." These researchers have come up
with a strange six-meal-per-day diet to combat
the "abnormalities in very delicate and complex" chemical pathways that convert food into
protein, carbohydrates, and fats necessary to
keep the body running.

It seems that fat persons cannot reduce on 8