Volume 11, Issue 1, page 16

ranged' election reports. Perhaps if Nixon had gotten in,
he would not be alive today -- so
this is the working-out of
"Keep this record until November and if I am wrong, you
can cuss me out -- but don't
blame Bio - Rhytmus , because
something again may go amiss.
Things ain't what they used to
be." -- Marion VerHoven, 9532
Ponderosa, Hesperia, Calif.
"Enjoyed article on modern
art. Am a lover of nature myself, and try to make my portraits as natural-looking as
possible. You can't beat Nature; you can try, but Nature
will beat you in the end.
"Civilization is living too
soft -- too soft chairs, beds,
foods -- except the cement we
walk on. If we should change
our soft, refined foods for
natural raw foods overnight,
the nation would have a bad
case of stomach cramps and diarrhoea -- so it would have to
be done gradually; and there
would be a lot of aching muscles if we were to harden our
chairs and beds overnight -- so
that must be done gradually,
too. Wake up America, get
tough. Your recent flops in the
Olympics prove you're getting
too soft, much to the Communists' delight." -- Eva Woodford,
R.1, Box 45, Lost Creek, W.Va.
"Kindly find enclosed check
for a three-year subscription,
for I would not want to miss
one single issue of your hot
"Also, I want to cast my
ballot for Albert Roy Davis of
Green Cove Springs, Fla., for
us here folks down Texas way
like that ole corn ball. Give
us a break and let him write
more in The ABERREE. Truly in
these day s of tension and
strain with the world in such
an upset condition it is a
great pleasure for us here
Texas folks to sit down and
read something that rings loud
and true, as just plain folks
"Seriously, we do appreciate The ABERREE so much and
enjoy every issue. Gets to us
and helps to keep us level and
out of the nut-house. 'Louis'
is tops and he has been such a
joy to read I do hope that he
is not trying to get away to
look for gold in them there
hills or some such monkey business. I wrote to him long ago
and everything came true just
as he saw it for me. S h o u l d
have written and told him for
I am psychic myself and know
what it means to get a followup letter of appreciation.
"I want to get a plug in
here for Sylvia DeLong for she
is great and we enjoy her articles each month. was invented. The Hopi Indians

"Please do not put me in Believe the same, and the
the c l as s of just another black race has heard the same
crackpot for I did go to school thing. It is in mythology (anthe same as the rest in our other subject that many whites
family. My brother and I were think is insanity) and in the
born with the gift of seeing star picture writing of old
for others and the Good Lord star maps.
has been very kind to let us "Check horoscopes and see
help our fellow human beings that C'apital lettered planets
via E.S.P. all these 18 years. chase the Sun like a pack of
"A medical doctor was the hounds after a rabbit, some
one who first sent us The AB- from behind, some lying waitERREE and he told us frankly ing before, and some from the
that if his fellow profes- sides, making a cross (T -
sionals knew that he was inter- square, squares, or conjuncested in Spiritualism they tions). And they rule the signs
would no doubt ,put him in a the Sun has to go thru. The
straitjacket and throw away the mental influence is like the
key. Three cheers for another earthly conditions t h e Sun
independent thinker." -- Dr. M. would have to go thru if he
W. Travis, Box 2595, San Anto- incarnated in plant and animal
nio, Texas. life. Starting in the spring,
(ED. NOTE -- Thank you, Dr. falling in fall and winter.
Travis. Considering some of "The more a man loves himour remarks about p reachers self (1st quarter) the less he
(not ministers) and the A.M.A., loves others (3rd quarter).
which might be considered of- This shows both in the horofensive to those in these pro- scope and his actions, and the
fessions, it's surprising how divine mind of space sees us
many doctors a n d ministers thru our horoscopes. The C'apsubscribe to The ABERREE and itals increase i n strength
write us letters telling us from generation to generation
why they like it. Grown-up and in individuals to the defarm boys will understand when gree of their selfishness. But
we say this shows one can sleep things are not as one-sided as
in the stable without being a the Black Muslims or Indians
jassack -- - if he carefully se- think; God is just and would
lects clean straw for his bed, not allow them to be mistreatand doesn't bray when the har- ed unless they had been misness is passed. There are edi- treating others themselves. It
tors, too, who think they look seems that we are put here to
well in blinders on theirbri- learn something thru pain, indles a nd cruppers on their stead of being in heaven. And
thinks-tanks.) this goes on generation after
o 0 o

"Whoever you are, stop and generation as it did for Jews.

around as if you had just A stiff-necked remnant still
remaining Zionist the fatal
landed on this earth. A B'rass lie in the king-priest B'ible.
B'and procession led by priest- (B' for Satan, the Serpent Deking, elders, B'elievers, and ceiver.)
Army has been marching since "Whether it is Zionism or
the time of Amos. Naziism, cult or nation, it is
"I saw it in Los Angeles -- selfish, and as Coleridge said,
swell people coming out of a He who loves Christianity -
swell church on Sunday, a hobo more than the truth will love
standing with signs, front and his church more than Chrisback like a picket, saying to tianity, and himself most of
repent, repent, repent, or all.' The truth is known, lies is
something like it. One member are B'elieved." -- Morris Swenremarked, 'Everybody is crazy son Rt. 1, Box 625, Camas,
except him'. The rest ignored Wash,.
him and passed on. 0 0 0
"Check horoscopes; it may "First I desire to congrattake lots of them to prove who slate you most sincerely for
were the crazy ones. If you publishing the article by Wing W
think accidents are accidental, Anderson in your March, 1964, W
that suicides a r e imagining issue. Mr Anderson is truly a 04
things, that God was looking man after my own heart. The way
the other way in assassins- he points out how R. C.Romanism ~"
tions-you have mental indiges- uses the weapon of psychology W
tion from B'elieving lies. in an evil way to enslave mil- OU
Lies can be B' elieved along lions is truly superlative. cC
with truths but sooner or 1st- And your courage in publishing
er have to be vomited up, and this article should put big- m
the vomiting can be as painful shot editors who bend the knee
as any sickness. to Romanism to the deepest
"The Seminole Indians of shame.

Florida say that the white man "As Abraham Lincoln pointed
is haywire and is going to out so clearly and emphatiblow himself off the earth, and cally, the U. S. A. must liquithey said it before the H-bomb date Romanism in richly blessed 16