Volume 11, Issue 1, page 9

AS APRIL opens in the wake of the
Spring Equinox, we find, in the chart
erected f o r that event, and as a
prelude to what we may expect f or
the next few months, that the legislative
bodies, particularly the House, are strongly high-lighted. The same is true of ambassadors sent to foreign countries. Mercury is conjunct the Sun, so any happenings in these quarters should prove of
benefit to all concerned.

The New Moon chart of April 12 starts the
show by housing the lunation in the 12th house,
indicating that the Legislature will probably
enact laws (or endeavor to) regulating both
labor and management, and as far as the general public is concerned, such legislation
should be very beneficial.

Institutions, hospitals, prisons, schools,
and the like should also receive important and
favorable attention this month. A strong Uranus
in the 4th house bodes ill, however, to mining
industries and indicates possible further disasters. Utilities and water companies also
seem to be in for some serious troubles and a
rash of explosions in public buildings seems
likely to occur -- presumably a resumption of
the sabotage and rioting mentioned last month.

Pluto opposing Saturn in the 5th house indicates a great possibility of heavy losses in
stock market and other speculative fields. Original investment terms may be altered or manipulated as to leave ownership of certain
stocks unprofitable. Many will not pay dividends, in any case.

The armed forces too seem to be in for
shake-ups and scandals, and with Neptune opposing Taurus in the 6th house, drug and tobacco difficulties will be sure to receive adverse publicity.

Most astrologers look for a breakthru of
new and wonderful medicines as a result of the
Pluto-Uranus conjunction, but personally, I
rather expect a number of new and unheard of
ailments and diseases which do not respond to
such medication as we have -- wonderful as some
of it is. This is especially so indicated since
we find a malefic Neptune adversely afflicted by
Mercury in the 6th house of health.

Saturn opposing Uranus in the 10th makes
for sudden and unexpected troubles, delays,
hindrances, and explosive reactions for our
government to cope with, and with Mars in the
11th house, there is a threat of much illness
and even death in governmental circles. Someone of great eminence is sure to pass on.

Perhaps our interests are centered mainly
on the home front, yet the distinct possibility
that China may already have an atomic weapon
is clearly shown by Uranus at almost partile
conjunction with the mid-heaven of Peiping's
Equinox chart. In any case, we may look f o r
unexpected over-night war-like moves on her
part, with definite border clashes with India
or smaller Asiatic countries *- not even ruling
out border incidents with Russia. Uranus always
indicates the eccentric -- the one who acts with
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