Volume 10, Issue 5, page 17

any conditions let the pre- ably worse than the engram .
clear know the results of his "If you are going to make a
computations; these are for habit of printing 'session'
the notes. The reasons are material, for the sake of our
two-fold: first, it is the p . reputations, please print good,
c.'s mental muscles one is at- illustrative material. This
tempting to exercise, not the one wasn't good, it wasn't ilauditor's...second, any compu- lustrative, and it dam' well
tation the auditor makes is of wasn 't dianetic. It does, hownecessity out of his own case, ever, typify what Art Coulter
and quite probably does not doesn't like -- because it is
apply!...If a cognition, burst true that many -- too many --
of insight, or j tst plain real- auditors act this way.
ization of 'why I acted that "Anent Coulter -- 'The lady
way' is to come, it will come doth protest too much, mefrom within the framework of thinks.' I happen to be by way
reality-understanding that is of being an authority on what
peculiarly the p. c. ' s , and occurred. It displeases me to
will not be imposed from out- see Art put in the position of
side. re-reiterating what is obvious
"Much harm can be done, and :on the face of it: that Synervery little good accomplished getics is not an offshoot, reby the psychoanalytic approach arrangement, or bastardization
typified in 'Tragedy'. It is of dianetics.
permissible to steer a bit; it "I was in the original valis not permissible to shove. idation group in the SynerPsychological pro c essing is getic approach. I found, as did
valid and helpful only to the others, that in its place it
extent that it is non-direc- was valid, valuable, and intive. The 'I know what's wrong deed the only decent tool for
with you' approach is deadly. present-time attack of specific
(That, by the way, is the chief aberrations. It is as near an
thing wrong with Scientology, approach to complete clientas such; it is guaranteed to centered processing as can be
produce starry-eyed robots be- reached in the present state of
c ause of its heavy-handed, the art. (No pun intended.) It
club-footed approach to a del- is not a means of taking care
icate subject. Scientological of heavily traumatic material ,
processes, in the hands of non- and it will not cure or even
directively oriented practi- alleviate psychoses or welltioners, can produce very inter- established neuroses. It is a
esting results. Whether valid tool designed merely to make
or valuable is arguable, but the already able individual
at least they can do no harm more so...
if not worked directively.l "The reason many think Syn" 'Tragedy', again, was not ergetics has something to do
a dianetic session because it with dianetics is that it was
was a drug - induced session. first brought out by the DiaThe psychedelic drugs have a netic Foundation u n de r the
definite place in psychother- aegis of Don Purcell. To say
apy, but not as an adjunct or for that reason that Synergetinitiator of processing. To ics is an offshoot of dianetics
reach otherwise occluded areas, makes exactly as much sense as
okay; but then it is necessary the Hubbardian claim that diafor the practitioner to en- netics is a branch of Sciencourage the client, very gent- tology... It is true there are
ly, to work the areas thru one common elements. Of necessity,
at a time, without computing any valid psychological apand without pushing. The mater- proach will have elements in
ial should be recorded and used common with any other...
as a basis for questioning at "Amusing to find me taking
a later date, when the drug is up the cudgels on Coulter's
completely out of the system. behalf. I am not, never was,
The effects of the drug must and never will be an ardent
be worked out too. The combi- Synergeticist. Neither is my
nation of medically-trained, wife. Nevertheless we have used
psychologically-oriented, it and found it good...
temptation -free characteris- "For the rest of the issue:
tics required for a person to Friedman? Zero. Kridler? Amusbe an adequate practitioner ing. O'Connell? So what else
where peyote, LSD, or lopho- is new? (See Max Freedom Long ).
phora are involved is rare. Hart to Heart? Our editor is
There are such people, but always capable of giving one
usually the drugs are given cause to think. The letters? I
under the supervision of a like the expanded letter colgroup collectively having the umn. Schroeppel? First one of
necessary qualifications... I his articles in which I can
hope the p. c. in ' tragedy' had find no major area of disagreebrains enough to run out the ment. If a person must run
'session' later: it was prob- past-life recalls, let him;
SEPTEMBER, 1963 T h e A B E R R E E
he '11 get to present time some
day. In general , the issue
gets a B.
"Apropos of nothing. Ain't
it nice that Ron 'forgave' us
all for all the mean things we
did to him/it? Excuse me if
I 'm wrong, but I thought general amnesties were the prerogative of royalty. Now the question arises -- do we forgive him?
Do we even accept? I cannot see
any reason for an amnesty, I
have done nothing of which I
am not proud, in this line.
Let's wait and see if actions
speak as fairly as words." --
Edward J. Robles Jr., 1153 Amberunod Rd., Sacramento, Calif.