Volume 10, Issue 5, page 20

Zionism , Nazism, Christ, or
Allah. And this is going on to
this day. The Russians are ungodly to B'elievers: It is the
same argument on a national
scale as the Bryan-Darrow debate on evolution. Bryan's attorney asked Darrow, 'What is
the object of all these questions?' Darrow replied, 'To
keep bigots and ignoramuses
from dominating our schools.'
B'elievers still dominate our
schools. Do any teachers know
that the mental faculties are
in the stars (planets, etc.)?
Will any of them figure to see?
"B'elievers think that we
are godly because we put 'In
God We Trust' on our money.
God has two sons, one is the
astral influence coming thru
the Sun, the other thru Saturn ;
it 's Saturn that has the rule
of money both in the B'ible
and in horoscopes. So in trusting in money and H-bombs, we
are trusting in Satan, as all
the divine kings have been doing, and losing all wars. B'elieve it or not, but you can 't
twist the figures, and then
show them for proof.
"So on the national scale
we can choose between arithrestoration of health without about space and solids. As for
the 'works' because 'Faith perception of t h e physical
without works is dead'... I do universe and 26 channels of
not teach faith nor stand on perception, Voltaire says 'matceremony, but I do teach the ter (he is speaking of man's
works that can add life to the body) is capable of a thousand
body."- -Morris 8 atzen, Cooks properties about which neither
Falls, A. Y. you nor I know anything.'
"As for the Etcacolor tube, "Like many other people, I
I'll still go along with that was very much interested in
and I don't care if it's made Scientology and then became
from a toilet roll selling for disgusted with poor r, and dime a dozen or a diamond tion from the center, and the
studded gold one that only Ken- b'making clears',
nedy could afford to buy. All in continuous I am sorry the center
PFD. Wonder
n trouble with PFD. Wothe neophytes of my tribe, who what 'overt act' caused this?
were trying to develop psychic "In early times, the Jews
sight, were taught and trained were divided into three sects,
from the basic foundation of the Pharisees, the Sadducees,
that phenomena of prismatic and the Essenes. Do you know
colors before they gained in- whether it is true that the
ner-development enough to dis- pharisees believed in the metinguish between the physical tempsychosis (reincarnation),
and spiritual. That is one of the Sadducees believed that
the first things the children cf the soul perished with the
the tribe were taught to wit- body, and the Essenes believed
ness. We used a diamond and a souls were immortal, descendfeather. The use of diffraction ing in aerial form into the
grating only simplifies matters. body, and returning to a high
I can't for the life of me place after death of the body?"
understand why such a simple __Beckey Hardin, 133 Carter
thing should raise so much St., Mooresville, Ind.
havoc. If Roy (Davis) had speco 0
ified that people would see the
understand some of those 'back to self-deception. All people figur and eo. Those who we
of the hand' snide remarks. have censors like they were tgpre entfew few and far bonwu en
umBut he specified it as a train- small nations, so fact is br present . We depend on arning aid only. twisted into desired B'eliefs Faithasintfalseplooff gict did not
"Frankly, I think the whole until tragedy strikes. Arith- make the earth flat; faith in
kit and kaboodle of so-called metic can now straighten out the Piscean , Old Age falsities
educated `know-it-ails' are the mental tangles since the in the B' ible is a poor umacting like a bunch of idiotic discovery of Lilith and Lulu. brella that wouldn't even keep
school children...I wonder how How come ? Planets are mental off the rain, or keep 10,000
big it makes them feel to run and moral faculties, and Lil- Protestant ministers out of
into some poor little bewilder- ith and Lulu have been doing crime, sickness, or insanity
ed searcher, and say, in effect: nearly all of Saturn, Satan, (breaks in moral, physical, or
'Ah, you don't wanna pay any B' s work, bringing tragic mental planes)." -- Morris H.
attention to that stuff. That's events when they and all other Swenson, Rt.1, Box 625, Camas,
just a bunch of junk some slob malefics overpower the Sun and ,ash.
in Florida threw together to benefice. o 0 0
make himself an easy buck. If "B' elievers are excluded "I'm following closely `The
you want the real McCoy go buy from the New Age, or excluded Creation of a Creator' by Dr.
yourself a nice big diamond from seeing it and being able Karl Kridler, naturally expectand get yourself a feather so to tell others about it. Their ing he'll create that Creator
you can do it the right way.' censors, or systems of logic, and present him in all his
Yeah man! Big!" - -Lowana Ju- keep them from wasting time Eternal Glory. With that myslaine, 520 H. Magnolia, Green with figures, because they can 't tery solved, where will we go
Cove Springs, Fla. be twisted for long. Censors from there?
0 0 o cause mistakes in figures too , "Wayne Trubshaw, Marysville,
"Where did Hubbard get some but they can be corrected. Wash., says he commends `Dr.
of his ideas, or what stimulat- Figuring is like walking, the Kridler for his wonderful work
ed them, should we say? Of steps carry one to new sten- in revealing the falsehoods
course he gives credit to some ery. B'elievers want to be and deceptions of the past'.
authors. Engrams -- isn't this a carried, want to see the logic "Don't think he said what
similar theory to George San- from where they stand and it he meant. It's not falsehoods
tayana who sums up Freud's can't be done. The two systems and deceptions of the past
theory of compulsive tenden- are from two different points which Kridler is exposing, but
cies, 'What man cannot remem- of view. those of the present in which
ber, he is destined to repeat' ? "The authority of divine we live and move and have our
Descartes tells us, 'The soul kings rested on their B'ibles, being.
of man is a substance, whose every king's nation and church "In his 'Book They Blamed
essence is to think, which is being divine and others un- on God' and in 'Creation of a
always thinking, and which, in godly. Those who followed oth- Creator', Kridler shows that
the mother's womb, is occupied er B'ibles followed other kings Christianity i s a religious
with fine metaphysical ideas and were heretics and traitors, pystem, built upon the literand general axioms which it hunted down like wild animals, alization of fables and paraafterwards forgets.' Aris- They were not concerned with bles, invented by Ancient Wise
tone's physics provides ideas the truth but with patriotism, Men in their attempt to despiritual aura, then I could "The human mind is subject