Volume 10, Issue 5, page 16

dE a

"Since 1950, many able people became more, able thru the
techniques of Dianetics, then
later Scientology. When Scientology moved into the image of
church, many of these able
people discontinued their association with the organization
and the leader, but not their
interest in this new field of
the self-improvement s c hool
of thought.
"We are now trying to find
these people thru the columns
of The MERREL I am not affiliated in any way , financially
or otherwise, with Ron Hubbard
and his organizations. I met
him when I was processed, as
did my husband in 1950. This
has nothing to do with the
crisis in Washington now.
"Incidentally, this technique is 500 years old. There
has been much interest to mobilize, for research purposes
only, a mass validation of the
technique, not necessarily the
leader, and many of our Aberrees have asked me to write
this letter to find you. Will
you please write me your experience before and after processing, and any other pertinent information helpful to
keeping us together?" -- Isabelle Evans, Bpx 2145, Hollywood, Fla.
"I'm glad to see that you
have kept The ABERREE going
all these years, an d here's
wishing you more strength to
your elbow. I ceased to publish
BDR (Bristol Dianetic Review)
for several reasons, the main
one being that wehad virtually
nothing to say. We had said
many times that we were not
going to write the paper ourselves, contributions had almost ceased and, looking at
the last 10 or so issues of BDR
Critically, there was little
that was good in them and much
that was low-toned. This situ16
ation, coupled with a change in
my own circumstances, seemed
to indicate a clean cut with
the field. Looking back , I
think it was too abrupt, and I
apologize to those I did not
inform of my decision.
"Recently we have been in
touch with Bob Churchill of
the Psychological Research
Foundation , Phoenix, Ariz