Volume 10, Issue 5, page 2

Jim, his wife Mildred, Medium
Kilgore, and the group present
who "lent theta" (as Scientologists say) to the healing...

INo matter how you try to
condition yourself to the idea
that "death" is a graduation,
and you shouldn't regret the
passing of a friend or relative, it's pretty hard to remember all this metaphysical
claptrap when "it" happens to
someone whose passing will result in a certain void. That's
why it was such a shock to get
news from Ruth Spignesi, of
Stamford, Conn., that Alberta
O'Connell had passed away on
June 13 of a heart attack, two
days after she was taken to a
hospital. Less than a month
before, Mrs. Spignesi reports,
Alberta had been warned in a
dream that "her work here was
finished", but she thought it
referred to her work in Connecticut, and she was to return
to Washington and try to get
her music published -- which was
one of Alberta's great aims in
life: publication of her music
and getting her book, "Strange
Prologue", made into a movie...