Volume 10, Issue 5, page 18

agreed. Soon the lady began
rhythmic motions of the body
accompanied by so f t sounds
that made it quite evident she
was enjoying the act of cohabitation.
"This is what we learned
from the experiment:
1. Affection or love for
one another, as we know it, is
not the 'open sesame' to psychic intercommunication. It is,
rather, affinity of a psychic
nature known as rapport or
psychic attunement. That is
why the man who was able to
find enough agreement to be
able to enter the girl 's chamber and affect her also met
repulsion. W e found there
could be compulsion. We found
there could be repulsion . We
found the stronger of the two
prevails. Right or wrong is of
little consequence. Possessed
of proper understanding, possession or obsession may be
cast off.
2. We know DEb are entities
without .physical bodies . We
earth creatures possess the
same body as a DE , and in addition , we possess a physical
vehicle. What the DE can do
with his immaterial body, we
can also do with our immaterial body. With proper control,
then, a person in the physical
can do what that 32-year-old
girl claims.
"We say 'can do' ; this does
not mean we accept her claim
without investigation." -- Jacob
and Rose Ajsel, 1310-A S.37th,
Milwaukee, Wis.
"In July-August, you say
Roy Eugene Davis talks 'our'
language, but does a much better job of it. To me he seems
too 'busy, busy, busy ' to make
his position quite clear to
one not well acquainted. Seems
close to extremism sometimes.
Much he says is in my own language , but my own experience
with mediums gives me a very
different impression than I
get as his. I am not at all
amazed at the number of times
they at first appear to be
wholly wrong, but rather at
the number of times they eventually prove to have made near
or square hits. I quickly
learned to take nothing for
granted, but to think of mediums and spirits as only human, as no different to myself,
except for being, usually, much
younger than myself in evolutionary or cosmic age -- I measure both them and their spirit
controls, when there really
are any such, which seems seldom. Nor do I usually depend
upon only one medium for any
experiment , but consult three
or more at a time -- so far
mostly by mail order, which
gives me an original record for
repeated comparisons and analyses over months and years.
"My conclusion is that
nearly all the mediums I h ave
consulted are basically honest
and good (about their personal
morals I have not bothered to
learn). They have seemed to be
sincere with me in almost every
case, tho they seldom seem to
get their stuff thru genuine,
independent spirit controls of
their own, as they think, but,
rather, direct from spirits or
subconscious mentation which I
bring or send to them. Either
way, what it seems to amount
to is an indirect way of peeping into the obscured depths
of my own mind where things
are being conceived, received,
and fashioned into future
events, but always subject to
modification or cancellation by
still unreceived things and
perhaps a bit of free-will
"As for Eva Woodford, who
seems pretending, humorously,
to be suspended twixt hope and
fear of being aberrated -- well,
she makes no claims to mediumship that I know of, but what
are her inspired guide drawings and paintings but visual
messages from spirit, as they
test out for me? Anyway, I list
her as one of my best mediums,
after seeing her work and analyzing both her and the entities she portrays. Whatever
they are, they test out as
real entities in their own
right, distinctly to vastly
different to her own personality, and well worth having a
whole set of... So, if being a
sensitive means aberration,
then she is aberrated ... Fred
Hand is right. She can't lay
any substantial claim to the
doubtful honor of aberration."
-- Frank McConnell, 840 Herald
St., Redlands, Calif.
"I don't quite get what you
mean when you say there are
'really no atheists'. The dictionary defines this to mean
'one who disbelieves in God'.
Surely lots of people, even
those who profess to do so, do
not really believe in God. If
creation is an accident, and
evolution is a fact, why would
God be necessary? You might
say, 'Why, to create by the
process of evolution'. Well ,
wouldn't that just put Him in
the category of unnecessary
figureheads? And if we are ALL
God anyway, we create ourselves -- we are just there doing what we must do by some
automatic process we don't understand. Anyway, the modern
thinker pigeonholes God and
the devil in a little box
marked 'myths and fables' and
that is that. I think Communism
has men placed in positions in
our educational system and in
the churches and in our govt.
for the very purpose of eliminating God. That is why I feel
that every word spoken or
written that lowers God in the
eyes of mankind is just so
much more brick and cement
building the structure of Communism in the world.
"You may think if we ignore
it, it will go away (we become
what we fight -- or your ideas
to that effect.) I'm not sure.
Seems that we have always had
to fight for our freedom here
in the U.S., and if we sit
still, we may wake up and find
it ALL gone. Communism has
taken Cuba, and is creeping up
all over South America. We'll
soon be surrounded...
"I didn't like the article
'Tragedy of a Zygote'. Embarrassed me! Besides, it sounds
made-up -- should be called 'The
Tragedy of Errors'. Who ever
heard of instant conception,
for instance? I guess it might
happen, but not likely. The
ovum is supposed to be impregnated in the fallopian tube --
then, the new cell travels to
the uterus and imbeds itself
into the lining. Here it would
be clear out of reach of a 'Lysol douche' or anything of that
sort. It would not feel the
force of the water against its
'head', as the tale of the
tape implies -- would be clear out
of reach, and fully protected.
If this tape is for real, I
believe it was this woman's
own guilt and experiences, plus
imagination dredged up out of
her subconscious -- and that it
had nothing to do with her own
mother or father or their experiences. It sounds too contrived. For instance, the feeling that 'IT' was 'cold' -- impossible, physically, and if a
psychic reaction is meant here ,
'twould be far fetched... Another thing -- conception of the body
does not mean immediate reincarnation of the soul. According to my information, reincarnation takes place at birth .
when the soul enters the body
at the first breath...
"This 'within' stuff is
greatly misunderstood, I believe. The Kingdom of Heaven
is within, but this means the
interpenetrating layers of vibration of the different planes
-- physical and spiritual. Oneness can also mean that we are
on a mental wave-length -- in
crowds, mobs, etc., this is so
obvious. But that does not
mean that the electric force