Volume 9, Issue 10, page 18

not eat of it, otherwise he
should be deposed as a false
prophet. The book also greatly
limits the activities of 'apostles' (now known as archbishops) by telling the congregation how to treat departing
dignitaries: 'Let him only take
enough bread to last until he
reaches another shelter, but
if he asks for money, he is a
false prophet'. The scripture
further strikes a blow at rich
pastors who recommend poverty
to their flock's 'He who fails
to do what he teaches is a
false prophet' .
"I recommend that Didache
be studied by those who pay
ransom for their departed relatives in purgatory, by those
who bow to dignitaries on golden thrones, and by those who
pay 10% of their incomes to
pastors, masters, or grand
lamas." -- George W. Lagos, San
Antonio, Texas.
"I don't give a d -- - if you
are right or wrong, or what
your theory (or whatever one
calls their spiritual convictions) is, I'll say one thing
for you people, you are broadminded, and I like that .
"Some of the stuff you publish is for the birds, but
aren't we all 'birds'? As my
mother-in-law used to say, 'You
can't stop the birds from flying over our heads', but we
can stop them from building
nests in our hair." -- evelyn
Beard, Martins Ferry, Ohio.
(ED.NOTE -- Just thought you 'd
like to see what happens when
we don't stop birds from building nests in our hair (see
cover). But such a nest would
be an improvement over some of
the hair-dos in which even a
self-respecting bird wouldn't
lay an egg, don't you think?)
"Mainly it's Mary Wales's
letter that finally pushed me
to write...What a bigot we have
here. What a stuffed skirt!
Concerning the danger of information, I think of the saying, 'There are no deadly
weapons; there are only deadly
"Any information which has
application can be misapplied.
But people are not babies, and
people have a right to endanger themselves at will, if they
wish. People have a right, and
often an obligation, to take
risks. Lowana Julaine's series
was authentic and practical .
The danger of misusing telepathy and ESP is exaggerated.
When a person has a bad experience with ESP, the first thing
that usually happens is they
scare themselves and quit using

Schroeppel's series. while
more comolicated and somewhat
cluttered with theoretical material, is, it seems to me,
dangerous only i f one bears
down too hard on predicting
and insists on believing one's
own predictions. If this series
has a risk, it is the frequent
allusions to Scientology in
the articles. This may indeed
have a bad effect as it could
cause some readers to go to
Hill (Saint Hill) which might
not be good for them. I think ,
too, in the latest article that
Schroeppel is confused about
'cycles' in that he confuses
different kinds of cycles and
gets this confusion from Hubbard. His description of 'AsIsing' as a producticn of negative hallucinations by t h e
'As-Iser' seems correct.
"Morris Katzen, whether one
agrees with him or not (in my
case, not), is neither vulgar
nor raving. 'Vulgar' means
common, popular, folkish. Certainly Greek alchemy, an obscure and little-known subject,
is not 'vulgar'. According to
the references to alchemy I've
been able to find, Katzen 's
descriptions are quite authentic, including the Bible misinterpretations. This Bible
exegisis is found in other
sources; for example, in Edgar
"If the lady chooses to believe that some or all parahuman entities occupy themselves with religious dogmas,
that some entities are Christian Fundamentalists and that
St. Paul said the last word
about good and evil spirits,
then under the U.S. Constitution, this is her right. I
personally resent her libeling
of Lilith, who is one of my
very favorite archetypes. I'm
neutral as to 'Belial '. However, if, as I think, 'Belial '
is a Hebrew corruption of 'BelEnlil' the Sumerian storm god,
then, according to mythography,
Lilith is his sister, tho I
think Miss Wales probably has
her confused with Astarte-Ishtar-Ashtaroth-Ostara. How, I
wonder, does Mary Wales knov
that Lilith and Belial knov
that Jesus' Second Coming is
imminent ? " -- Fred (land, Ylouston, Tex. 0 0 0
"You did an excellent job
on my article, meaning you did
not make a lot of errors or
changes that usually occur
during a printing. About contradicting myself, I see what
you mean , perhaps. I say the
earth-born men need to advance
step by step thru matter. Then
I go on to say we do not need
to evolve and surmount selfimposed superstructures, etc.
What I mean here is that earthThe ABERREE
men will unfold their inborn
spiritual selves eventually,
and no one can rush this process. When they begin to question and to wonder, no one can
stop them from the search,
either. But it is not necessary
to try for spiritual enfoldment thru these 'God merchants', either. I think these
are devil-inspired. One time,
I asked spirit-guide Helen
what I should do to 'advance'
spiritually. She disappointed
me by saying, 'You w ill advance anyway, and you are doing all right. Just live your
life. Your conscience knows
everything. Just listen to it .
But don't worry about spiritual advancement, for inside,
you have it anyway.'. .
"The 'God Dealers', as you
say in your auditorial, do set
a high price. What a letter! ...
Tell this man I've been thru
the 'God-mills' and never
learned truth there. Found it
"Wing Anderson's article
made me pause. I do not see
how his trinity theory works.
He says man comes from male and
female and suggests he is neutral. Actually, man is masculine or feminine (woman) and
not neuter at all. I like the
expressions, Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer; but think
this applies to civilizations ,
too. Each seems to advance for
some time, remains sustained
awhile, and then .slides down
to oblivion. Without fail, this
has always happened. Since the
U.S. and Russia are new nations
(maybe Russia isn't really but
it had a sort of reincarnation
during the revolution), I think
we will both survive awhile.
And likely will have to unite
for that survival -- against a
very real enemy, China. But
there will be some scrapping
around first, probably.
"As to man improving the
vegetable and animal world ,
most of these hybrids wouldn't
survive if we quit wet-nursing
them. Some of the 'improved'
breeds of dogs, for instance,
are monstrosities... Roses, too,
have suffered -- no longer have
much fragrance, and aren't as
hardy as of yore. Vegetables
are larger. but have less flavor. Chickens are soft, mushy ,
and tasteless raised the way
they are -- up on wire and bred
for fast growth. Remember the
fried chicken we used to raise
down on the farm? ...
"Commenting on the 'refined
bodies' people are evolving --
does this mean the unfitness,
physically, of our school children and the armed forces' rejects? Seems they have to make
new induction rules -- let down
the standards -- or we would have
MARCH, 1963