Volume 9, Issue 10, page 3

MARCH, 1963 (Recusant Voice of 'The Infinites
for Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn,
Pluto, and Zydokumzruskehen
Second class postage paid at Enid, Oklahoma.

POLICY: Don't take it so damn' seriously.
The infiniteness of Man is not reduced
to a "split infinity" by wars, taxes.
or "experts" who seek to sell him what
he already has in an infinite amount.

Sub-Policy: We reserve the right to change
our minds f rom issue to issue, or
even from page to page, if we desire.

Sub-Sub-Policy: Each Man has the inherent
right to be his own and only "Authority" -- with his wife's permission.

Sub-Sub-Sub-Policy: We have no objection to
"educated guesses" about Man's destiny -- if there's no price tag to it,
and if the guesser has no objection to
our guessing that he's only guessing.

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Vol. IX - No. 10 BERKEE
ACCORDING to a report in a
national printing magazine,
more than 12 billion dollars
was spent last year for "research and development" -- primarily in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, medicine, and the other scientific

From this research come
the poisons and fertilizers
that are turning our farms into deserts, stocking our grocers' shelves with toxic-flavored "stuffing" for stomachs of
mankind; pills, medicines, and
tranquilizers (such as thalidomide) that are converting the
maternity wards of hospitals
into "j ackpot machines" wherein one knows not if the product of incubation may be a
healthy scion or a deformed
monstrosity; toxins and vaccines for the introduction of
disease germs into otherwise
healthy persons; automation to
offset and counterbalance the
vicious fights between wages
and profits... Which means that
more than half of that research and development is more
negative than positive.

THIS 12 BILLIONS for R. and
D. does not include the multibillion projects for bombs,
rockets, space "spies" and
probes, and weapons of war!
Eventually, probably, the se
"hate ma"hines " -- even the Aand H-Bombs -- will find their
niche advancing civilization,
but it is a sad commentary on
man's inhumanity to man that
our most valuable advances in
the fields of science have been
spawned by war needs. If half
the money we are spending in
behalf of the insatiable appetites of the boom-boom-boys in
the Pentagon was being used
for better highways, improved
parks, education, and equitable government, there'd be no
need to shake in our boots for
fear another type of government may topple our way of
life. If we took more pains to
improve Democracy, there'd be craft eras of antiquity. Today,
no threat from Communism, Soc- we have only believers upholdialism, or Shaggy Beardism. It ing their beliefs, and disbeis only our weakness we're lievers trying to prove the
scared of, not the enemy's falsity of these beliefs. So
strength. many words and so much venom
Yes, we spend 12 billions is spent by these implacable
in a year, ostensibly for the foes that neither side has time
improvement of man's physical -- even if there were willinglot in life, but how much do ness -- to initiate any virgin
we spend for the betterment of research that just MIGHT open
man himself? Nothing! Abso- a path to the discovery of
lutely nothing. some unguarded truths.

ALTHO WE prate of being Results of this research
"One nation, under God", there should be made available to ALL
is no god in government. Re- schools -- irrespective of what
cent court decisions have made Particular myth their own parit plain that children must ents honor -- so that these stuget their spiritual education dents can decide for themselves
from organizations that haven't what is reasonable and what
dared look at a new idea for sounds to them like pure fahmore than 2,000 years. rication and old wives' tales.

We definitely are not in THIS IS THE "space age" -- an
favor of religious teaching in age when we KNOW the earth ispublic schools, but there is n't a flat plane half-way bedanger, too, in exposing a tween a gold-and-pearl decked
section of our growing crop of Heaven and the eternal fires of
youth to "God -- Keep out!" Hell. But before we start sendclassrooms, while at the same ing too many rockets off to
time promoting (thru tax im- invade religion's "private
munity) sectarian education for preserve", we should assure our
another fraction of this same space pilgrims that there's no
"crop". Is it fair to deny one danger of taking the welcome
class of Americans a religious mat off St. Peter's gate, or
education, and at the same singeing the wings of a harptime, permit another class of playing angel or two, or even
Americans to drink deeply of knocking God's throne out from
the same "forbidden fruit "? If under Him .
we are going to have desegre- We can be damned certain of
gation in the schools, let's one thing: The churches aren't
carry it one step further and going to spend any of the monbreak down the religious bars. ey they take in for "research
BUT TO CORRECT this dual and development"; this is all
standard in education, we need earmarked for feeding preachsome honest "research and de- ers, building churches, setting
velopment" -- undictated by any up competitive tax-exempt busexisting church or creed -- into finesses and schools, and propman: What he is, where he came aganda. But we do need some
from, his purpose in the over- research and development -- and
all scheme of the Universe. a few billions spent in this
Such a study might uncover spiritual sector might do a
how much fraud has been perpe- lot more good than a barrel of
trated in translation or in- thalidomide pills, or a lake
vention of such holy analects of fluoridated water. Anyway,
as the Bible, the Koran, the we think it worth trying. And
Vedas, the Avestas, and other we'd be glad to see all of our
sacred dramatic comedies from next year's income tax put
the burn-'em-alive and witch- into just such a project.