Volume 9, Issue 10, page 12

Let us admit we do not know where we came from.
Let us in all honesty admit we are only repeating what others have told us, that we only
hopefully think we know where we are going.
Let us also, in all decency, admit that we have
not actually proven to ourselves, and definitely
not proven to others, that we survive death.

At any hour of the day or night, without the
need of special conditions, "Little One" (my
wife Rose) and I communicate with intelligent
discarnate entities. This we can substantiate,
this we can prove to anyone mediumistic, anyone with a fair degree of psychic sensitivity.

In the past, we accepted that these entities
were what they represented themselves to be --
people who had previously resided on earth in
a physical body and after so-called death,
ascended into the H. W. (Heaven World).

With the zest of a prosecuting attorney, we
have been able to break down many subterfuges.
At this point I stress, let us not condemn,
since we function in a world shot thru with
deceit, intrigue, rape, and pillage. At least
they are free of the latter two.

To return now, we have been able to break
down their claims to a point where they admit
they cannot prove under test conditions that
they were former earth residents with the
identities they claim.

The manner in which this acknowledgment was
brought about is this: We had been asking for
those who had passed on (died) the day we were
conducting the experimentation. Men and women
would come in (we only asked for Milwaukee
residents), identify themselves giving name,
address, age, cause of death, where they died,
names and addresses of many relatives. This we
later verified by checking the newspaper obituary columns and death notices.

My 16 years of being an argumentative atheist made me anything but gullible. I kept digging for better proof under (gore rigid conditions. When I held our session at 9:30 p.m. ,
when all newspaper offices were closed, and
asked only for those who had died since 8:00
p.m., I stopped getting verifiable results.
People came in who claimed they had died within that 90 minutes, but none checked out when
I called up the addresses given to us. Neither
did the newspaper's obituary columns have any
reference to the names given.

It was then that we ferreted out they had
abilities to perceive knowledge without contact, as they were able to read passages from
a closed book in our book shelf. So it was easy
for them to read all the information in the
newspaper obituary columns and give it to us.

At this point, I want to emphasize that the
claims of Theosophists, Rosicrucians, et al,
regarding "shells" -- that this is false, for
there are no other planes of intelligent life.
How do we know this? Well, when a person knows
something, he has no need for beating around
the bush with double-talk. In all our years of
search and research, we have not met one clairvoyant who demonscrated communication on any
other planes. Also, these clairvoyants never
come forward to defend themselves; it is their
rabid followers who rush forward, always in
anger, to defend what their "masters" cannot.

For those who read our last article in The
ABERREE, but not our letter to the Editor in a
later issue, we had blocked out our H.W., but
certainly had not closed up shop. In fact, we
stepped up our search in all areas everywhere,
for any other intelligent life. This I did
while "L.O." was fast asleep. I would ask her
consciousness to travel outward, inward, upward, and downward, everywhere, searching for
someone to talk to. We did this for almost
three weeks nightly, with nothing but blank
spaces and stellar bodies to report.

It was then I decided it was foolhardy to
keep shut the only avenue of discarnate intelligent life capable of giving us any answers at
all. Now began a time of diligent effort to get
better answers from the only source available.
We stand a better chance of getting information concerning invisible realms, from intelligences who are themselves invisible. I apologetically invited our H. W. friends to return ;
they were glad to do so.

I have not given up trying to establish
with proof-positive who these discarnate entities are. Nor do I say positively they are not
earth residents who, after death, ascended into the H.W. This may be true, but we will have
to get uncomplicated proof that this is so
before we acknowledge it.

We have wonderful relationship with our H.
W. friends. They help in many little things,
often with timely reminders, often with therapy, but they are not infallible. They know
they cannot impose anything on us. We respect
them, they respect us.

We also have not given up in our search for
that "Intelligent Creative Force", which many
call God. We do not know that he is or prevails. We only feel he should be.

The answers to our other questions may come
with continued searching. Certainly it will
never come if we say it cannot ever be known.
can see this as a most effective abortifacient
-- persons heretofore trying to attain some
level of responsibility on a group level went
riding off in all directions, demonstrating
their supposed "self-determinism". Groups fell

When the final break came in Wichita and
Mr. Hubbard introduced in Phoenix his new mockup, Scientology, most old, Dianetically-oriented followers were confused. They needed conciliation and some careful nursing to enable
them to encompass the "new look". Instead, they
were antagonized, ridiculed, and "gotten rid
of", thus doing irreparable damage to the Dianetic revolution. Indeed, this was the final
ridding, presided over by the creator of the
thing he didn't like in something like microseconds. The average polygraph used by police,
unless it has been modified somewhat, can be
fooled. It is too slow. It takes heartbeat and
blood pressure into consideration; but these
themselves are slow in comparison with the
actual function of the mind. Someone who is
determined to beat the polygraph and who can
use his mind at its full functional speed can
think much faster than the pulse and blood
pressure can react, and can beat the polygraph .
A friend of mine in Indiana did this for the
Navy for demonstration purposes. Others have
done it, too. The electropsychometer, which
depends only on the sweat in the hand and the
tension of the body, is a little harder to
beat. However, either machine can be made to
show deceptive readings if the attention of
the subject can be completely exteriorized
from his body.
(Continued in the Next Issue)
An impudent fellow may counterfeit modesty,
but I'll be hanged if a modest man can ever
counterfeit impudence. -- Goldsmith
12 The ABERREE MARCH, 1963