Volume 9, Issue 10, page 4


(From the Published Lectures of Richard Ingalese.

Copyright 1902 by Richard Ingalese.)
ROUND, in, and thru the earth are subtile
A forces of nature which the human mind, by
study and concentration, can use as it desires. As the dynamo collects free-electricity from the atmosphere by the rapid
revolution and friction of its wheel, and
turns it into light, heat, and power, just so
the human mind, acting as a dynamo, can attract
to itself the free Cosmic forces of nature, and
drawing them unto itself, can then send them
forth in any direction and for any purpose it
may desire. Many miracles are performed by the
mind consciously using these occult forces,
but only the trained mind is able to do it.
Just thinking of them passively cannot put
them into operation.

The human mind acts upon the Cosmic forces
thru concentration and when concentration is
continued for any length of time, these forces
are set into motion, and thus it is that miracles are performed. How is it done? A mind can
concentrate and dwell upon an image to the extent of causing it to appear within its own
photosphere, and it can be so intensified that
everyone looking at the person producing the
picture can see nothing but the picture. The
mental image is impressed upon the minds of'
the spectators with such intensity that it
cannot be distinguished from the reality. So
the occultist says that a miracle is the production of physical phenomena by occult means.

An examination of all historical miracles
will reveal them as belonging to one of two
general classes: First, where the phenomenon
is produced by independent functioning of individual mind or where there is action of individual mind on mind; second, where individual
mind acts on occult forces.

With the functioning of individual minds,
there are what are commonly known as voluntary
clairvoyance and clairaudience.

These occult senses are not in themselves
miraculous but are only super-normal as comoared with undeveloped humanity; and clairvoyance is a miracle only to those who do not
understand its functioning. When Jesus, using
these occult senses, saw Nathaniel under the
fig tree, far away, he impressed all those
around him with his superhuman power by describing the conversation that occurred and
everything done by Nathaniel. This created in
the minds of his hearers a worship of his
power. The world is just beginning to understand that such a sense is merely a normal,
human power to be developed by every ego at a
certain point in its evolvement.

The second division of the first class where
mind acts on mind is itself divisible into two
classes: magic and suggestion. Magic is a distinct branch of occultism; heretofore it has
been dealt with from its better known, but
lesser aspect, as necromancy. It is one of the
working tools of the miracle man but its operation will not be disclosed here, as it is one
of the secrets of the occult student. Suffice
it to say that the occultist can control certain intelligences which, as yet, have not incarnated on this earth. They are called ele
mentals and thru the control of a trained mind,
can be made to produce physical phenomena, such
as the carrying of articles from place to
place, the precipitation of articles, the disintegration and reintegration of material

The difference between the amateur and expert worker along these lines is that the precipitated articles of the former last but a
short time and then crumble to dust, while
those of the expert operator last their normal
lives. This difference is due to the fact that
if the interstices between the particles that
compose the precipitated article are unduly
extended, they will never again permanently
hold their normal relationship to each other,
nor will they hold their relationship if demagnetized in the operation -- as the elasticity in
rubber is destroyed by overstretching, so demagnetization and over distention in precipitation weaken the articles precipitated. However, the phenomena cannot be produced without
an extension of the interstices and an expert
judgment based on numerous experiences is required to accurately adjust the particles.

The second subdivision is suggestion, a
thought sent telepathically by one mind to another. No thought which is repeatedly and
forcefully sent to another can fail to reach
him: whether it is acted upon is another matter.

Suggestion plays a most important part in
miracle healing. In cases of nervous troubles,
suggestion is an all-powerful instrument.

When Jesus stilled the storm, he put a Cosmic force into action which nullified the opposing force. He drew a higher Cosmic force
into the vortex where the storm was raging. The
higher overcame the lower -- and dissipated its
fury. When Jesus saw Lazarus lying dead, he
knew that the vibrations of the atoms composing Lazarus's body had become so slow that the
ego could no longer control it with its magnetic force. Jesus, with his tremendous power
of concentration, directed the Orange Cosmic
force into the motionless form of Lazarus and
commanded him to "come forth". Then the conscious ego, who was still near its body, re-entered and Lazarus was "raised from the dead".

Within a short time after death, life may
be restored by anyone who understands the
process of restoration. The electrotherapist,
on rare occasions, has resurrected a lifeless
body thru the use of electricity -- which is a
part of the Blue Cosmic force. 141e occultist
accomplishes the so-called miracle thru mental
processes instead of an electric battery. In
the course of evolution of the human race, to
triumph over a premature death will cease to
be looked on as a miracle.

All men are using the forces of nature,thru
which miracles are performed. The conscious
agent produces them quickly, while the one who
uses the force unconsciously does not get results until years later sometimes, and then
may be unable to trace the cause from their

Unfortunately, mankind is still like a child,
destructive in tendency; most every line of
human endeavor has been perverted to destruction. The destructive forces of nature can be
put into operation by the human mind in the
same manner as the constructive forces, and
both may be used to produce "miracles"
Each person, thru the study of psychology
and philosophy, can learn the rules that govern creation and make the spiritaalf mental ,
and physical environment desired -- since to
think is to create.