Volume 9, Issue 10, page 19

no men, practically, in our
services. And what about the
numbers of teenagers with false
teeth nowadays? I think we will
be refined all right. But we
will be refined right out of
the old physical bodies and be
on a plane of higher vibrations. In other words, the New
Age will be a spiritual one on
a spiritual plane, and this
physical world will probably
be blown to bits by the H-bombs
and other toys we are too
stupid to handle. That is, if
the cancers don't overtake us
first. Heard on T-V right after
Dick Powell and Jack Carson
'went over' that lung cancer
alone has risen 700 percent,
and that 16,000 persons were
dying of cancer that very minute in California alone. They
said cigarets were suspect No .
1 and that chemicals in foods,
poisons, fumes, smog, etc.,
were all causing the rise in
cancer cases. Compare our modern-day bodies to the ancient
Greeks or to the American
Indians or to any wild race
of people most anywhere and
you will see we aren't going
anywhere but down, physically.

Maybe Wing thinks we can
reverse this process. I hope
so . " -- Rosalind John, Norco,
"In The ABERREE of December, 1962, a Leonard Harper
refers to a ' "surrender" to a
Higher Power'. This could also
be described as At-One-Ment or
conscious union with the Absolute, the ultimate attainment
of which is the ideal aim of
"The first premise of mysticism is that man himself is
the medium thru which God must
be reached. The next premise
is that one should seek the
God within -- that it is not
right to seek God outside oneself as an Exterior Force or
"But such inner contact is
not simply acquired. A technique is necessary. W I thin
himself, the mystic knows that
there are heights to be scaled;
within his own being are degrees of consciousness which
he can ascend.
"To be is the prime duty of
man. Words hint at this reality, but do not explain it. Such
an inner realization is a state
of being; it is not a set of
words, it is something to experience.
"The word God is meaningless unless one can contact
the Absolute.
"Mr. Harper apparently takes
the viewpoint of dualism as he
states that either 'you 're bigger than God or He's bigger
than you,' and he continues,
'Equal terms are not very logical.'
"We are wrongly accustomed
to think of the so-called finite things and the things of
ourselves and our earth as
constituting one world, and
the Infinite as another. The
world, however, as seen thru
the microscope, is the same
cosmos as seen thru the telescope. The error in differentiating caused the origin of
the words microcosm and macrocosm. Or the small world and
the great world, or universe.
"The sages warned against
this false thought, this separation of the two, by expounding the adage, 'As above,
so below:" -- R.G.L., Caulfield,
Vic., Australia.
(ED. NOTE -- Oddly, those who
insist or admit there's a God,
even if they locate Him 'within' -- or those who deny there
is a God...all are creating or
accepting an already created
or uncreatable God, because to
make God truly part of us (as
"within"), we've got to start
acting as Gods and not talking
about Gods -- negatively or positively. This "double talk" of
trying to be orthodox or unconventional and open-minded has
its roots too deep in our subconscious to be rooted out by
a little surface spade-work.
Realizing we are Gods and saying God is "within" are about
as similar as saying we have a
lot of gas in our stomachs as
we stop at the filling station
to get our car's tanks filled.
It's rot the same God -- nor gas.)
"Your magazine does have a
lot of sensible as well as
practical information. It is
different and first one I read
few years ago, I couldn't understand it. But it takes lot
of books to get glimmer of the
"Your magazine came in
handy to read this winter,
snowed in far from town. WiSh
some people could call out here
with similar ideas, but people
here don't understand. It's as
if I were a different plant
transplanted in a foreign land.
.. I hope for the day to find
others like myself with same
interests, but seems to be
hopeless so far away." -- Mrs.
Mabel Stacey, Luse land, Sask.,
Canada. 0 0 0
"Hope I am not guilty of
presuming on your good nature,
but I am wondering if it would
interest the subscribers to
ABERREE to express or subscribe
their opinions to the following
from the book of David, 10th
chapter, 13th verse (Ferrar
Fenton translation): 'But the
Prince of the Kingdom of Persia stood opposing me for 21

days, but Mikal one of the
(capitalized) FIRST PRINCES,
came and helped me, and I was
relieved then from the restraint of the governors of
Persia... '
"Then the 110 Psalm (Ferrar
Fenton) note capitalized, 'THE
LORD said to my Prince' (authorized version) 'THE LORD said
to my Lord'.
"Also Matthew 2144; Mark
12: 36; Luke 20: 42; Acts 2:34-36
"It would seem that the nations or countries of this
earth are under the governorship of hierarchial beings who
are as contentious as leaders
on earth." -- Thomas Barclay,
West Vancouver, B. C.

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MARCH, 1963 The ABERREE 19