Volume 9, Issue 10, page 6

sessions, health, sanity, wife, children, jobs,
works, constructions, reputations, living
things, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Here are some other statistics: With the
appearance of Dianetics in 1950, there was an
almost immediate demand from many interested
and somewhat desperate persons for the establishment of training and "auditing" centers --
places where the new system could be taught so
as to produce trained personnel, where Dianetic
auditing could be had, information disseminated, validation studies undertaken, etc. Such
a center, called a Foundation, was established
in Elizabeth, N.J.; within about two years, it
had been replaced by others in Chicago, Los
Angeles, Wichita. Co-existent with these centers were dozens of semiofficial working groups,
and thousands working on a co-auditing basis.

During the first three years, hundreds of
competent persons registered at the various
Foundations to learn, and to work for the advancement of Dianetics as a way thru the jungle
of the irrational in which the human race
seems lost. But these Foundations failed, one
by one, and dozens of persons who had worked
with and for Mr. Hubbard's creation were fired,
dropped, slandered, and variously discredited
(gotten rid of).

A case can be made "explaining"the debacle,
utilizing a number of more or less valid observations: (1) The size of the response to
Dianetics was grossly under-estimated as was
th e demand fo r professional services and
instruction. (2) The first Foundation was premature and inadequate to the demands made upon
the personnel. (3) The complexity of the whole
concept of the reactive mind and its mechanisms was over-simplified and underestimated in
"Book One". (4) No one was able at the time to
stand aside and effectively steer thru the
storm of debris occasioned by many reactive
minds in full restimulation, nor to realize how
many destructive computations were "lighted
up". (5) The legal position of Dianetic auditors was precarious and open to assault (get
rid of it) from the reactionary forces of
orthodoxy. (6) No attempt was made to show the
possible connections of Dianetics to orthodox
psychology-psychiatry; all was dismissed (get
rid of it) summarily. (7) When tough cases
failed to respond, they were brushed aside
(got rid of) in favor of relatively easy ones.
(8) Data which at first sight did not corroborate fully the claims made in "Book One" were
discarded or ignored (get rid of it). And the
whole reactive mind, conceived of as a collection of engrains, was attacked as something unwanted (get rid of it), instead of being
changed. integrated' into consciousness.

All of the above are relevant to some degree, but my thesis is that the most powerful
factor -- because completely hidden from conscious awareness -- which operated on many levels
to bring about the abortion , was the reactive
engrammatic command to abort: "Get rid of it!"
Without naming names, anyone associated with
Dianetics in the beginning can recall one or
several persons -- always the most talented and
useful -- who were "gotten rid of" in various
ways in connection with the various Foundations
and organizations. Add to this the record of
several aborted Foundations and the "loss of
control" of Dianetics by its founder, and this
thesis becomes something more than a fantasy.

Several other factors should be mentioned
regarding this complex: When Dianetics, as a
movement, was struggling to achieve a level of
group functioning, the concept of "self-determinism" was introduced. In retrospect, one
I HE COLD facts of such ancient nations as
Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Egypt, Greece,
and Rome are not found in the Bible, compiled largely from Jewish gossip and mythology. They are found carved on stones dug
from the ruins of ancient cities, and in
inscriptions on stone monuments and pyramids.

This information appears in the hieroglyphics that have resisted the wear and tear of
time, and it factually describes the laws,
arts, sciences, conditions, institutions, manners, and morals of these remote people.

Herodotus did not get his facts from the
Bible. Rawlinson did not discover his wonderful story of ancient empires in the Bible.
Gibbon did not copy his remarkable history of
the Roman world from the Bible.

In the Louvre, in France, there is today a
stone called the Hammurabi Stone, which gives
a truer glimpse into the public and private
life of ancient Chaldea than all the first five
books of the Bible.

It is these discoveries of the last two
centuries that have lifted the veil of darkness from the past, factually described the
conditions of these ancient races, and disclosed the falseness of the data in the Bible.

In the British Museum are the sculptures,
slabs, bas-reliefs, the mummies, tombs,
thrones, and the gods of the ancient world. It
is from these that we get accurate and factual
data concerning the races and records of the
past, and not from the anonymous, undated, unreliable copies of lost and destroyed scrolls
from which the Bible was compiled.

What information the Bible contains of the
Egyptians has been found to be false. What it
says about the ancient Assyrians is false. The
story of the birth and crucifixion of Jesus is
false. Even the story of "God's Chosen People"
is false.

The data unearthed in excavations and discovered by researchers show that the Bible .
writers invented, in the majority of cases,
the vices they attribute to their neighbors
and the virtues which they claimed for themselves.

During the thousand years of the Dark Ages,
before the dawn of modern thought, the Bible
taught everything that the Church allowed to
be taught. It has been the late discoveries of
archaeologists and researches that have forced
the Bible back out of the field of education
and learning. And greater advancement of science will push the Bible farther back.

The great and final plea for the Bible is
that it presented for the first time the oneGod theory. But why is one God better than
three or 300? Would the world have been better
off with only one man in it, or the heavens
with only one God in it? If one God does so
much good for us, think how much more three or
300 Gods could do for us. (The End)
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