Volume 6, Issue 8, page 3



HERE ARE seven Eternal Purposes for
man, which are : perfect Justice,
Perfect Fearlessness or Production,
Perfect Understanding or Wisdom,
Perfect Honesty or Truth, Perfect
,Sympathy or Healing, Perfect Unity
or Building , and Eternal Growth or
Progression .

Thruout creation, the principle
of seven is manifest. Daniel speaks
of Seven Churches, and the time between
Christ's first and second advents as being divided into seven periods. He speaks
of seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven
plagues . There are seven " sacred planets"
around the sun, often spoken of as the
"seven Spirits Around the Throne of God" .
ignorance, dishonesty, selfishness, bigotry,
disunity, and destruction -- all the purposes
contrary to the Eternal Purposes. Now the harvest is ripe for the gathering in.

World War II was a crisis of civilization,
but the war still to come is one of the crises
of eternity. This does not necessarily mean a
shooting war, but a war to change the minds
and souls of humanity. The hardest task of all
is the spiritual conflict -- and it is vital
that each of us makes his choice of definite
purposes -- the Eternal or the negative.

The most powerful of all weapons is unity
of purpose. We should not quibble over the
methods, but keep our minds on the ultimate
goal. The purpose should be fearless. This is
difficult since the fight is wholly within
are seven For centuries, man has sought the source of
great Bibles: Hindu, Zero- light. From the beginning, man has had the
astrian, Confucian, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Ju- right to choose for himself, since we are made
dean, Christian. These might well represent in the spiritual Image of our Creator -- being
the Seven Churches. All of these Bibles were both mental and spiritual. In so doing, we are
written at a time when it was necessary to responsible for our choice. once we are confurther instruct man as to God's Eternal pur- vinced that chaos grew from Eternal Purpose,
pose. They are different, but they meet the which was perfect in the beginning, but is now
needs of minds ready for their teachings. Hu- at war because it contained within itself all
manity is created equal spiritually, but it the elements of life and of conflict, we will
does not remain equal, due to choice of indi- find our own clear purposes defined and the
vidual purposes, but it will eventually be war within us will cease .
equal again when it reaches the same under- Previously, we have been confused by wars
standing, enlightenment, and unified purposes. within wars, infinitely continued -- the confu"The principles of Truth are seven; he who sion arising from the number of purposes in
knows these understandingly, possesses the each. The remedy lies in the conviction that
magic key before whose touch all doors of the force of every nature is fundamentally purtemple fly open." -- Kabal ion. pose, which has existed from the beginning,
These seven principles are centered in the and that the force which builds is beneficent
universe, in man and in every living thing, and can be clearly segregated and united.

They are: Mentalism (the universe is mental l; We pray, "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it
correspondence (as above, so below; as below, is in Heaven". It is here now, and always has
so above); Vibration (nothing rests, every- been. We have removed ourselves from Heaven by
thing moves) ; polarity (all is duality) ; our own choice of purposes.

Rhythm (cycle-reoccurrences; everything flows, Many purposes, good and evil, are fused in
out and in); Cause and Effect (every cause has the same individual; thus the battle has been
its effect, every effect has its,cause; as ye infinitely multiplied. But it is not lost. I t
sow, so shall ye reap); Gender (this principle is this fusion in the individual that makes
is enwrit in all nature -- it manifests on all the confusion greater and the fight harder.
planes). The proof is that we find ourselves swayed
The choice of purposes has produced the first by one purpose and then by another -- unmajor forces, viz., the force of Light and the able to distinguish the good purpose from the
force of Darkness. Prior to World War I, these bad.
forces began to gather for the tremendous This conflict is no longer between nations,
fight that has ensued since. It has happened but between peoples of all nations. We use
in ages past, History reveals the rises and empty phrases about unity, but we do not perfalls of empires and even civilizations. Arch- ceive its true meaning or nature. The enemies
eology proves the existence of ancient civili- of the Eternal purposes use them for disguises
zations materially. There have been at least as to their real purposes of Destruction. Unity
two "lost" continents -- pan (Lemuria) and At- cannot be gained when there is too much SELF,
lantis. Spiritually , these ancients have and too little Sympathy for our fellowmen.
spoken to mortals of this day. Our rulers, leaders, and those in high
At present, we are in the throes of the places are allowing themselves to be lulled
"last Days" -- not the end of the world but the into a state of apathy thru false, but plausiend of the present order. "There is a time of ble, suggestions by those who would destroy.
sowing an d there is a time of reaping". We Parents are allowing their children to become
have been sowing the seeds of injustice, fear, delinquent without realizing that definite