Volume 6, Issue 8, page 17

others who are, to quote you ,
looking for 'broadened viewpoints'. Some of your contributors, as anyone can see, are
not looking for broadened
viewpoints, but want to beat
their own dree -- end to beat to
death those who prefer some
other rhythm.. The desire to be
'right' -- how subtly and noisily this expresses itself in
some sort in some of your contributors.. Jacob Apsel just
about takes the biscuit in his
desire to be the 'rightest' of
all ; your `Louis' is in a different category...
"I do not wish to beat the
drum for Subud, nor do I wish
to condemn it. But 'Louis'
would like others to see that
in his view Subud is poppycock -- and that his 'bit of oldfashioned intelligence' is
better. And 'Louis' wants to
express his opinion so that
his readers can be 'guided',
without himself making any
real attempt to investigate
Subud. I have spent a year investigating Subud, on a firsthand basis. From all that I
have seen and experienced, it
is very apparent to me that
Bubud, in terms of the actual
process -- the latihan -- brings
many results and gives many
people what they want: a progressively closer relationship
with God, the God within themselves. Most significantly, it
helps many people to cease resisting one another, to cease
resisting themselves and life
in general. This is very fundamental. The man who no longer resists any part of the universe is the man who is truly
integrated, or, to use a lesshackneyed term, such a man is
truly spiritual in that he is
one with God. To cease resisting the universe or any part
of it is just another way of
saying `accepting the Will of
God'. 'Louis', in spit-e of his
spirituality pose, just does
not know what the 'Will of God'
is; he is too busy resisting
what doesn't come within his
framework of 'rightness'.
"I resisted Subud at first,
because the literature that is
available on it just does not
describe it in obj ective terms.
Bennett's book, 'Concerning
Subud', could just as well be
called 'Concerning Su bud
Against the Framework of J.G.
Bennett's Scientific and Gurdjieffian Training'. In short,
Bennett's book doesn't describe Subud. Nor do any of
the other books or pieces of
literature that are available.
oh, yes, they describe various
external aspects of Subud that
are accurate most of the time.
But they don't tell you what
the actual process, the Tati- what he feels to be right and
han, really is. They don't be- then have the courage to 'buck
cause it is a non-verbal thing the traffic'.
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