Volume 6, Issue 8, page 7

Condensed from his "Eternal Time". All rights reserved.

Father of all/ in ev'ry age,
In ev'ry clime adored,
By saint, by savage, arad by sage,
Jehovah, Jove, or Lord/
Thou Great First Cause, least understood/
Who all my sense confined
To know but this, that Thou art good,
And that myself as blind.
(The Universal Prayer—Pope)
F ALL the Life Games which have bemused , confused , and bedeviled Man ,
none has contributed more to the
tragic situation in his affairs
than the "God Game". But for the
fact that Man has been operating
entirely on a functional basis of
belief and deductive thought, these
long bloody centuries of "Civilization" and"Culture " need never have

It has been said that imitation is the
most sincere form of flattery, and the
present threat of defenseless destruction
of most, if not all, life forms on Earth,
which looms but a few short years ahead
on Man's historic journey, may be the
culmination of his continuing efforts to
be like his so greatly venerated God!
According to "God's Word", there was a period in time when this Creator and Director had
cause to be gravely displeased with the uses
to which His own creation had put their evil
abilities. Being all powerful, he decided
there was only one remedy for such a situation
-- universal drowning -- with the exception, of
course, of one family, Noah, together with one
mated pair from each of the other life forms.
I have not yet heard exactly what these other
unfortunate remaining life forms had been up
to which would merit a similar fate to that
earned by wicked Man. Now, history repeats itself irrespective of this historic age; Noah
the "Quisling", the "Yes man", and Jehovah,
the all-powerful Dictator. In this century,
the machine gun and the gas chamber have been
applied in a fairly good effort to emulate the
flood. Then there were the plagues, the river
- turned to blood, and the cruel destruction of
the first born . Truly, "God is Love" ! What a
story! What a legend !
There has been no example in the whole of
history's legends to compare with the record
of "God" as a cruel and ruthless mass killer.
A shocking example in punitive and corrective
procedure to offer mankind, allegedly His own
creation, and an example which has been so
faithfully and repeatedly emulated right up to
present time when Man has at last conceived
the means whereby he may duplicate it -- universal cremation! The change in techniques suggests some not unjustifiable pupil's pride
with superior effectiveness and ingenuity.

This legend could continue only thru the
ages on an operational basis of belief, which
is by far the lesser ability possessed by Man,
and functions only in the acceptance of the
lie. Knowingness is the only fundamental and
unchanging ability possessed by any life form ,
including Man.

The "God Game" began with the pleading and
cunning appeal , "If ye shall only believe".
With that bait the trap was set and soon
snapped shut for centuries to come with the
sinister change in wording to the command, "Ye
shall believe only".
"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible
tells me so." Our children have been singing
this sweet and innocently simple verse during
their course of indoctrination, blindly guided
in belief by their similarly indoctrinated yet
loving parents, from generation to generation.
Belief has no limits in functional application, and so Man has been decimated, century
after century, by the guidance of deluded and
blood- or power-thirsty leaders.

Then there were the prophesies, not one of
which has come to pass, nor is likely to be
fulfilled despite all the loquacious maunderings from our pulpits and over our international radios by the multitude of sepulchral
and emotional loud voices set in a background
of mysterious and fear-stirring music.

It is no idiotic extreme to suggest that
the society might well be confronted with an
extension of the "Grace" and "Thanksgiving"
"Game" wherein we could observe Sabbath gatherings in richly ornamented temples where
praises would be sung to the giver of all good
things, with only gatherings from specific
crafts and trades. The farmers harvest thanksgiving is of course traditional and sanely
justifiable, but if this procedure were logically extended, we would undoubtedly see specific meetings for police "true believers"
giving humble thanks for a goodly supply of
crime thruout the week, and but for the generous and well-maintained supply of disease, the
medical profession and the manufacturing drug
houses must surely perish. Nonetheless, these
bounties are equally worthy of grateful thanks
along with the harvest! It isa game !
These "games" are in themselves worthy of
careful scrutiny, but none more so than the
deadliest of all -- the "war game". This is the
'game" which differs from all others , for here
we have a very considerable section of society
whose survival depends, not on the loving
bounty of God, but on His wrath. Make no mistake, Jehovah is a War God, and Man has little
hope of ever achieving peace on earth so
long as he continues to march beneath the
crossed flag of this fantasy, su ruthless in
inspiring destruction. Today the war clouds
are gathering, but let us note a little further on that that which is created can be uncreated and. these clouds are no exception. A
new era is claiming wherein there is very real